1. Ah, tis a shame, elf, but no bother – we’ll just have to line up the next live blogging thing asap (with lots of Plan B, C and D, etc.!)

  2. shauna

    That was such a travesty!!! What a stupid way to end 6 years of that show…like, was anything resolved?!!!
    At the end i just felt bewildered, as i had missed something important – did anyone else feel that?!

    Thinking about it now, clearly someone did Jenny in, but they all closed ranks and looked after their “framily” – but that kind of vague ending just excludes the fans of the show I think…
    and given that, the angelic smiles on the faces of the cast at the very end was just annoying!

  3. Can’t help but say this series is sensational.
    The actors are so liberating they give u a real sence of there relationships they are all so complex. I absolutly love all the girls.
    Yes, i am a man and baring the lesbianism in this series the writers and story lines should get academy awards. I truly believe this is the greatest thing on tv please dont stop.
    Big Big Big Fan!

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