1. It’s a fucking outrage, isn’t it?! And it seems queers, writers (and particularly queer writers) are spewing a rainbow over this whole thing (see what I did there?) all over the interwebs, especially on blogs and on Twitter. (It’s the highest ranking “trend” on Twitter at the moment. I can’t refresh my page fast enought – there are literally hundreds of Tweets per second, esp since the Americas are still before their bed-times.)

    It’s bizarre, because Amazon.com maintains the sales rank of Playboy and Sports Illustrated, but not The Well of Loneliness or Fingersmith. On the other hand, Amazon.co.uk does contain the sales rank for these titles (that’s all I’ve managed to check so far). It’s very odd. (And Amazon.com does know I’m browsing from Ireland, as an automated message appears on their homepage, advising that Irish shoppers go to the .co.uk site.)

    For anyone who doesn’t get what any of this shite means, from what I can tell this evening, the sales rank appears under the “Product Details” section, after you’ve clicked to view a particular book title. (It’s not the little yellow stars rating, which appears both in search results and on the product’s page.)

    The significance of the sales ranking is that titles may then appear in the bestseller lists. In other words, it’s affects demand to the publisher/author and supply to the consumer. Sort of like a boycott-lite, if it was carried out by a retailer, betwixt the wholesaler and customer. Say, if Quinnsworth hid all the prosecco down the back of the shop behind the rice cakes (not that they’d ever do such a thing), but this is with books.

  2. No worries! I’m just catching up on it all at the moment myself! If nothing else, this is a clear call for us all to send our custom to local, independent bookshops (even the ones with no websites..!).

    It’s shocking.

  3. Thanks, Hunter and Shelly. Time will tell what Amazon has to say for themselves by way of explanation, and apology; and both had better be in full.

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