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I have a feeling my fellow Gaelickers may have partaken of a beverage or 2 at the fabulous Soundcheck last night as all is tres quiet on the western front. Tis up to me to hunker down and give you the latest and not so latest from around the big gay world of news, views and tidbits :) Let’s start with of Pride, it being Pride month and all that and Dublin Pride held its launch party on Wed evening to a packed crowd. Some of the team were in attendence, more to come in a later post. Never one to miss an opportunity, Labour leader Gilmore has urged

more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people to stand for elections.

Staying with Pride for a moment, Christopher Shea reports over at boston.com asks Redesign the gay-pride flag?

Studio 360, the wide-ranging cultural radio show hosted by Kurt Andersen

“Don’t get us wrong, some of our best friends are rainbows,” went the message posted on a Studio 360 Flickr page. “But we think it’s time for a 21st century gay flag makeover. Should it be pink and sparkly? Subdued and stately?”

Cultural? Some of our best friends are rainbows? Pink and sparkly? Moving swiftly on…

The 7th All Ireland Gay Health Forum took place last Friday with the Minister for Health Promotion Áine Brady speaking at the launch.

“While the prevention message has reached a large proportion of gay and bisexual men, the statistics clearly show that there are still many people who are engaging in risky behaviours. It is essential that we identify the reasons for this and deliver targeted prevention programmes in order to address this situation,” Ms Brady said.

Good news for those of you wanted to get married or pregant – or both! The Guardian reports Spanish clinic and travel agency offer gay marriage and fertility deal

As niche package tours go it is one of the most original and precisely targeted. As of this week, British lesbians are being invited to dig into their pockets, catch a flight to the Spanish costas and come back either pregnant, married or both.

“As long as you are in control of your mental faculties, then you can do it,” said Bernabeu. “The question of your sexual orientation or whether you are married has nothing to do with it.”

Dr Rafael Bernabeu – founder of the Instituto Bernabeu clinic in Alicante, eastern Spain.

You mad out-there man you. You mean it’s not an issue wether you’re gay or not? Just as long as you’re not a complete loon? How refreshing :) * ponders a holiday to Spain next year *

Shame Russia don’t take notes from liberal Spain, I see those two lovely lesbians who were refused the right to marry at a Moscow registry office in May are trying again. This time they filied an official complaint with the Tverskoi District Court.

If it is rejected, the couple, Irina Fedotova-Fet and Irina Shepitko, plan to take their complaint to the Moscow City Court and then to the European Court of Human

Rights with the backing of leading gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev.

That’s the happy couple on the right. Look at them, all smiles with their lovely white flowers. Why can’t you just let them get married Russia? Eh?

Meanwhile over in Hollywood, GLAAD are getting tough. New Top Cop to Keep an Eye on How Hollywood Depicts Homosexuality

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation on Wednesday hired Jarrett T. Barrios, a former state senator from Massachusetts, as its president. The question for moviemakers and television networks is: How loudly will his G.L.A.A.D. complain when it spots problematic treatment?

Back to Turkey where the football world is reeling after

aa referee “came out” on television, dropping a bombshell in this football-mad country and leaving authorities confused.

Dincdag’s “coming out” last month was an act of unprecedented courage in a country where gays are widely ostracised and derisive words such as “fag” are among the favourite booing chants against referees at the stadiums.

“Since then, my life has turned into hell,” he said, explaining that he lost not only his licence but was also “thanked” for his services by a radio station in Trabzon, where he used to do a programme.

“I have inadvertently become a standard-bearer of the homosexual struggle,” in Turkey, he said timidly, adding he still had the support of his family, which includes an imam brother.

What a strong thing to do and I hope he gets to keep his job. Apparently the door has been left open.

And finally this week I couldn’t depart without mentioning Brüno. Having not seen Mr Cohen’s movies before I am not familar with his funny/not funny routine but I do know he likes
to offend. The movie opens in a couple of weeks I think. Over at the Irish Times Kate Holmquist had this to say:

GIVE ME A BREAK: TWO THINGS ARE exercising my patience at the moment: Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film and the Leaving Cert. Both make me angry for the same reason.

What do the two have in common? Oppression, repression, stigmatisation, shame.

View the trailer here

Gaelick will be reviewing it when its released. What do you think? Is he funny? Offensive? Share :)

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  • hmm on the Bruno thing, I’d rather not pay to go see a straight man take the piss out of gay men and reinforce gay sterotypes, thanks.

    Maybe thats just me and I dont get Cohens “wacky” style of comedy entertainment – has anyone seen it/like it?

    shauna said:
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