Dignity – new bar in Kilkenny

dignity-barThis bank holiday weekend saw a bunch of mates and I head to Athy in Kildare to cheer on a friend who was doing the triathlon – well done to her again.  Afterwards we all decided that watching someone do so much exercise was very tiring so we all headed off to Kilkenny to check out the opening weekend of the new gay bar in town – Dignity.  I think there’s a bar by the same name in Waterford which is going strong, so I was looking forward to seeing this new place.

It was the weekend of the “cat laughs” in Kilkenny too so the town was hopping with people enjoying the good weather and having fun, the atmosphere was great.  We headed into the bar at around 10pm and took our seats, it’s on Parliament Street which is very central and easy to find.  There’s an upstairs, with a bar, as well as a nice smoking area out the back but most of the atmosphere was on the ground floor where there was a show on with Paul Ryder.  The DJ was good and the crowd was enjoying themselves.

I have to say that I felt about 100 years old in there but that’s just me being an idiot!  The staff were lovley and the place had a really nice feel to it.  I hope it gets the support it’ll need in it’s opening few months and that it goes from strength to strength.

The opening hours  are:

Sunday – Thursday…..6pm – 11.30pm
Friday & Saturday……6pm – 2am
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  1. Gooner

    I was glad one of my mates is from Kilkenny as I hadn’t realised it was there either.
    Worth a look for sure

  2. Robert

    I’m also a non lesbian on this site I’m unsure why a non lesbian cannot express themselves or are only lesbians allowed do that also while Im on here why do irish lesbians hate irish men I worked for a short time with a German lesbian and we had a couple of great evening in dublin before she went back to Germany and of course I put it up to her once and of course on occasion I may have said something stupid to her after all I’m a man and we had a good time this would never happen with an irish lesbian ah well another reason to like foreigners and dislike irish roll on muilti culturalism

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