1. Gooner

    If there’s one thing I hate it’s small portions. I know that when we cook for ourselves we make too much but seriously, that sounds like you got as little as possible at a dear enough price.
    Part of the order not coming is bad too

    Pity, cause it sounds like a great concept

  2. Sophie

    There is nothing worse then leaving a restaurant hungry. Spending over 50 euros for a meal and needing the chipper afterwards is simply sacrilegious. A mate of a mate has recently opened Coppinger Row. Perhaps you might review and let us know if its up to scratch HAL?

  3. clare spelling

    i eat out all the time but i have to wonder what people realy want.i realy enjoyed pichet,and realy enjoyed my food.
    everyone went so crazy spending money (to much)BEFORE THE RECESSION ,and now they are taking it out on the resturants who are offering earlybird etc and trying to give back to the customer.
    think about the price and what you get for it and what you were paying 2 years ago and what you were served.i think we should appricate good things when we get them and stop being so greedy.

  4. Felt very lukewarm indeed about Pichet too – didn’t think it was up to much. Very disappointing as it’s had such a huge buildup. Nothing wrong with it mind – it’s just ok

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