1. Carol

    This is great. About time they did something but credit where it is due. Hopefully this will lead to a real difference in students lives

  2. Do you think it will make a diiference? Or will it just gather dust on the shelf behind the Head?

    Also, I wonder how this affects Catholic schools? Usually, the gov let’s them go about their business without worrying about such silly things as equality or homophobia.

    The publication is just info, not a push to act. That’s what we need now.

  3. Slayer

    It won’t make a bit of difference in the schools where it needs to. Any principal who reads this and implements recommendations has probably already made their school a safer place.

    When I was 16 I wrote a letter to my principal telling her how awful it was to be a gay student her in school (anonymously) and asking her to do something and try and make the school a better place. The next day she went on the intercom and reminded everyone about the tidy classrooms competition. Her attitude was and is typical.

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