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Well readers, its been a while since I sat down, had a lovely cuppa tea and perused the LGBT websites for worthwhile stories. So here I am a day after Stephen’s day (Boxing Day or the day after Christmas Day for our international readers) and am ready to bring you the best from the web. Until the real writers return at any rate ;) I am aiming to bring you only good news and not of the tabloid variety. This has proved difficult so do excuse me if I fall off the wagon and bring you yet another celebrity who claims she wants to be a lesbian. Sometimes the headlines are too difficult to resist – honest!

Perhaps I should have a red-top/tabloid disclaimer along the lines of “Read any further then this link and you may want to gouge out your eyes” type thing? It might work.

Onwards we go with the big story on all the sites : We do: Mexico City blazes trail with legalization of same-sex marriage

The Guardian reported

Gay rights activists across the world consider same-sex marriage one of their toughest goals. Only seven countries permit it: Belgium, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Sweden. A handful of US states also allow it.

Mexico’s leftist Democratic Revolution party (PRD) pushed the bill through the capital’s assembly 39-20, changing the city’s civil code definition of marriage from the union of a man and a woman to the “free uniting of two people”.

The change will permit same-sex couples to adopt children, apply for joint bank loans, inherit wealth and share insurance policies.

Go Mexico!

Pink News reports from Uganda following up on this post from Gooner with this

The Ugandan minister for ethics and integrity has suggested that the country will ditch its plans to execute gays in favour of life imprisonment.

Well what a relief they have finally seen their error of their ways and life imprisonment is such a step forward from execution don’t you think?

James Nsaba Buturo said this would allow authorities to rehabilitate gays

Rehab for gays. ‘Cause its never been tried.

Moving swiftly on, and in keeping the theme with ridiculously oppressive laws against our brothers and sisters, Pink News also reports Lithuanian parliament revises ‘gay ban’ law

According to Amnesty, punishable offences would include campaigning on human rights issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, providing sexual health information to lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans people or the organisation of gay film festivals and Pride events.

Instead, lawmakers yesterday approved changes which would ban the “encouraging the sexual abuse of minors, sexual relations between minors and other sexual relations”.

I’m sorry but I actually laughed at this part of the statement

The legislation also prohibited the mention of bisexuality, polygamy, images of straight sex, death and severe injury, the paranormal, foul language and bad eating habits.

Bad eating habits? Put down that Mars bar and start eating that museli right away! Not another takeway, you’re going straight to prison for that as soon as I find out how to report you.

Crazy Lithuanian parliament.

However, gay rights activists in Lithuania have said that events such as Pride marches could still be banned under the revised law, which also bars the promotion of “any concept of the family other than that set down in the constitution”.

Thanks to my colleague CanuckJacq to pointing out this cute story: Lesbian Teens Named School’s Best Couple

Votes cast in the senior superlative contest at a South Bronx high school were cast in favor of acceptance this month. The title for best couple at the Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School has gone to a set of lesbian teen.

Victoria Cruz and Deoine Scott have been together for two and a half years and both graduated from high school on Friday.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww…bless their wee cottons.

Heading over to celebrity news and was anyone really surprised to see this headline ‘Family Ties’ star Baxter: ‘I’m a lesbian’

Those of you who are reading this and thinking “Meredith who?”, have obviously never seen a true-life movie in their life, because Meredith is a true-life movie queen. Staring in such classics Bump in the Night, A Mother’s Justice , A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story and Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter . Betty just kept on going, a woman scorned eh?

Tabloid Alert! Tabloid Alert! Avoid if you are sensitive to these kinds of things.
Newly Engaged Lesbian Tila Tequila Pregnant to Her Brother! It really doesn’t need any more elaboration does it?

And finally because I am obsessed with it, and thank god it looks like I am not the only one, Glee mania has reached Italy:

Gaelick will be doing an in depth post later in the new year on Glee so watch this space. Not this exact space cause obviously it will get a new post…but, oh you know what I mean.

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