1. sevlam

    I know that there migh be people who will not be able to afford it, but those who can, should pay, if we want to have more and more seasons. :)
    I bet fans of the show will post the episodes on youtube, so nobody will be deprived from seeing it. But the idea behind paying this amount, is to make it possible to go on for all of us. :)

  2. Annie Aura

    I don’t much about this kind of thing but can they not attract any sponsorship instead of resorting to charging the viewers?

  3. Gooner

    It’s a fair point Annie Aura, but I think the idea of taking it to the net is to get away from sponsorship and the possible restraints that carries with it

  4. hal

    I’d definitely pay for it but I think that a compulsary donation option would have been better. It would have been politically more astute and seen as less money-grabbing. Plus, ironically, you usually make more money when you ask people to pay something but don’t specify the price.

    Remember when Radiohead asked people to buy their album online and pay whatever they thought it was worth. A huge majority paid more than the selling price.

  5. Hi there
    i see your point about those that can not afford it, however perhaps one person could pay and have 3 or four people over to watch it. i do believe it is a VERY affordable amount in fact i was thinking it was too cheap. I hope that they get the money they need to continue the series as it would be a shame if not.

    great blog and looking forward to your next update. please do keep me on your mailing list
    have a wonderful day!!



  6. Nano

    I will gladly pay 10$ to se a show that´s of good quality rather than see a show that looks like it´s filmed on a home video camera. I can understand that it´s harder for some but if a couple of people come together it´s not really that much. Most people I know spend more on starbucks in a day. I will continue to support Venice and I hope other will too =)

  7. Briony

    I agree with what’s been said about “pay per view” shows. In a perfect world there would be a lot of them and TV networks would start loosing viewership because of that, leading them to more or less revolutionize TV.
    I feel for the people who can’t afford the show, but i personally don’t think that it’s particularly expensive. For a little more money i could buy a movie on DVD ( i’m in the UK so i don’t know the variance for a DVD price in other countries, but still..), and I would get approximately the same amount of material. I’m happy with paying for that and i will continue to do so, and support Team Venice’s decision as the right one, for as long as they decide to run the show.

  8. calliopes_muse

    I don’t mind paying $10. Think how this could transform TV and the entire cable industry if we had a la carte service. I’d pay $10 per show if it meant I never had to watch another stupid erectile dysfunction commercial or pay for about 400 cable channels I’ll NEVER watch! The suits in the executive offices really would have to show what the fans want for a change because we’d have other options. I’d do it if it meant burying the people that killed the Otalia affection to begin with.

  9. mrwarrior

    Of course there has to be a fee. How could they otherwise cover the cost of production? These actors, crew, etc. are people like any other who do this for a living, so it is crazy to expect them to do it not only for free, but also to cover the unavoidable costs out of their pockets. To anybody out there who thinks it should be free I ask, would you go out to work everyday for no money?
    I understand the predicament of people who cannot afford it. Especially to those in other countries where 10 US dollars are a much larger amount than here. But for the standard american person who has a job, this is a rather small amount that can buy you three coffees at the most. Personally, I am more than happy to pay this money or more to see these talented, beautiful ladies, and not have to put up with the ridiculous censorship that we’ve seen in other, free of charge, more traditional avenues.

  10. hachiomaru

    I have no problem paying .91 per ep. for the next 11 episodes. I believe in Venice and Open Book Productions. They have shown with the first ep., it is quality. They are listening to fans. I don’t think they should have to pay out of their own pockets to deliver Venice. I want them to make money so we have many years of Venice!
    I would like to see some kind of scholarship program so people who can afford more could pay for a sub(s)for those who can’t. Love Venice!

  11. Lisa

    I don’t mind paying a fee to watch Venice.. A lot of people knew that it was something Crystal, Kimmy and Hope would have to do in order to cover the cost of putting it together. There was a poll on the Venice website to see if people would be willing to pay. So, it shouldn’t have really been a surprise to people that there would be a subscription fee. Crystal and Jessica have very loyal fans who want Venice to be a great success! Who knows maybe a network will pick it up….

  12. Lisa

    I am more than willing to pay, and did. I don’t feel $10 is too much to ask. This is what they do for a living, they are actors. Why you anyone expect them to do it for free. That is like asking a mechanic to fix your car for free. The production was great, lighting, sound, it was art.

  13. madison

    Absolutely I’d pay $9.99 as a subscription fee to watch Jessica Leccia in Venice! This is the kind of storyline that I want to see and I’m very grateful to Crystal, Jessica and the V Team for doing it. They did a terrific job in the first episode and I can’t wait to see more. I strongly support these kinds of diverse representations of the gay community and I will gladly pay for them.

  14. hal

    So it’s $9.99 for the whole 11 eps? All in? I thought it was a tenner an episode.

    Well then, it’s cheap as chips and worth much, much more.

    It’s funny, I was thinking “ooohhh, a tenner is a lot of 6 mins but hell I’ll pay it”. Now it’s only 90-something cents, bring it on!

  15. Yvonne

    I have no problem paying $10 for season of Venice. I understand that although this is no more than the cost of a couple of drinks on a night out for me it is a substantial amount of money to some people in this world. I would therefore have no problem with non subscription payers having access to the shows with maybe a week or two delay. What do you other subscription payers think? Although I expect the episodes will make their way onto youtube without much delay anyway!

  16. Gooner

    Delayed airing of the show is an interesting point Yvonne, I wonder will they do that at some point.

    I agree that it will end up on YouTube soon but I was really delighted to see so many people pay regardless, I think that shows our appreciation for all that goes into it

    Hal’s point about a donation is interesting. People will pay over the odds to support certain concepts and I feel that that would be waht would happen here without a doubt

    We will have to wait and see what happens

  17. Yvonne

    Crystal Chapel stated in an interview that once she announced her intention to create a web based series featuring lesbians, she started recieving unsolicited donation cheques from people who wanted to support it, some for thousands of dollars. She either returned these or donated them to charity. I think this proves that donations would have been a succesful way of funding the show and makes me wonder why they didn’t choose this route.

  18. Lizi

    I wasnt disppointed by the 1st Episode either, it was amazing! Crystal and Jessica were on fire together! I think they have every right to charge for it, its an awesome show and Crystal is doing it for us, to represent us and admire her so much for that. She cares a whole lot and they deserve all the success, good on ‘em i say :) I subscribed! :D

  19. Red Devil

    I think paying £10 a season is great value and well worth it.When you take in to account all the actor/actress were not getting paid that much if any at all to start with.So by paying this small amount it will help ensure Venice continue’s after season 1.

  20. Justbella28

    I think the $10 fee for Venice is too much for the length of the episodes. At six minutes long, the entire series (including the freebie episode) is only 1 hour and 12 minutes long, less time than a full length movie. I think the producers should have maybe used sponsorship, advertising or donations instead. I don’t mind watching adverts at all on tv so it wouldn’t make a difference to watch them online. I just feel like i’m being taken advantage of by being asked to pay to watch a romance that would appeal to me as a lesbian when I can watch all the hetrosexual romance I want to from the television or internet for free.

  21. gooner

    That is a fair point Justbella28 and it is great to hear from someone with a differing opinion. I know you are not alone in feeling that way.
    Quite a few people have expressed a preference for a “donation”, I wonder if that will take off?
    Many thanks for your comment

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