1. thanks for this, very helpful, I am thinking if you can join earth cancer society, because I noticed that you are interested in cancer topics, maybe you can give some advice to the believers. I call cancer patients believers, because I want them to believe that they overcome this challenge.

  2. Eh, sorry to have to tell you this but… the 1 million euro donated by the Irish Cancer Society, is for the bowel cancer screening programme NOT the cervical cancer vaccine!!!

    Whatever, today is a good day for cancer care in Ireland.

  3. orange

    Media reports are stating that the same group of girls who would have received the vaccine if it was rolled out a year ago will still receive it because it will be administered to first year students but if it had rolled out in 2009, it would have been given to sixth class pupils. The point is somewhat obfuscated though so I’m not sure. Anyone know for sure if there are girls who will have missed out on being vaccinated because of the delay?

    I’m by-no-means a fan of Mary Harney’s but I will grant her this: To get the pharmaceutical companies in those cost negotiations to go from €16 million to €3 million is a meritorious achievement. The question now is can the same negotiating acumen be used in other deadlocked healthcare negotiations?

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