1. A

    Couldn’t agree more, people like her need to be called out on these things and made face their obviously hypocritical stances

  2. Thanks Gooner :)

    And A, It’s really annoying me how people don’t understand that homophobia is WRONG. And people who want to hurt and marginalise others shouldn’t get elected, if not because of that, but because it shows that they are bad people and can’t be trusted.

  3. Great post. The reason people latch onto these stories however is the exposure of hypocrisy. Here’s Iris R…who say’s being gay is an abomination and subtracts from “good moral values” yet she’s married, having an affair with a teen??? Vindictive, perhaps…just and honest, yes!

  4. Nelly

    Excellent point about the fundamentalists focusing on visible minorities rather than the moral short-comings (from the perspective of their doctrine) of the less conspicuous majority.

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