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Marriage equality almost there in Portugal

Remember Portugal, everybody?

You know Portugal: extreme western European country (snap!); with the Catholic conservatism (snap!); and the economy that didn’t really feel much of a boom over the past couple of decades before the bottom fell out of, well, everything (hm, that’s where Ireland and Portugal differ slightly).

Well, if you can imagine that society – like family-oriented, Catholic little Oireland, but warmer – and then ramp up the social conservatism just a little bit, that’s probably approaching the mind-set of one of their judges.

Yet, Portugal’s Constitutional Court – the highest court that can rule on issues of constitutionality – has today issued its judgment that expanding the definition of marriage to include same-sex relationships is permissible.

This is in the context of Portugal’s constitution, which obliges the state to uphold and protect marriage and the family.

Sound familiar?
(Well, apart from the clear absence of the DeV effect stamped all over Portugal’s founding document..)

Yet, here in Ireland, the Minister for Justice and Law Reform (he’s no longer Minister for Equality, since the cabinet reshuffle – appropriate, I think), Dermot Ahern, will hide behind “the advice of the Attorney General” – which is never published for all to see – and will insist that marriage equality is unconstitutional in Ireland. Even though in Ireland – just like in Portugal – it is for the highest court to decide on issues of constitutionality (in our case, it’s the Supreme Court), and not a political appointee.

Portugal’s President, Anibal Cavaco Silva – who referred the legislation to the Constitutional Court with his concerns – now must either sign or veto it within the next 20 days. If vetoed, the parliament may nevertheless have a majority to override the President’s veto.

So, should we regard this as something of a gauntlet, thrown down by a fellow staunchly Roman Catholic country?

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  • Fuck the god damned catholic church and their Pope RATZInger
    They hated the Jews, and their boy Hitler, still UNexcommunicated leveraged that hatred to get elected in 1933, and 50 million died.
    They have been exposed as Pederasts, destroying childrens lives all over the world. And why did they hide these crimes against children – because the priests bring in the money, and priests get promoted- the rot reaches all the way up to the top.
    Let the pope squeal like a stuck pig.  He should be brought up on trial in a reconstituted Nuremburg trial.  For eg UNexcommunicating a hOlocaust denier – a bishop williamson last year.
    And for his hatred of gay people
    And for his telling Africans – who have 23 million people infected with AIDS, and babies being born every day with this death sentence – not to use condoms.  Its simple -t he pope realizess that he’ll have more minds to corrupt even if another 10 million children die.
    Because he learned his lessons well growing up in Nazi germany.    BTW, hitler also told his people to have more babies.  For the Wehrmach.
    There is no place in hell hot enough for that creep and his hierarchy.  Burn baby Burn

    Katie Murphy said:
  • And lets remember that the church’s campaign of life is just a smokescreen – to hide its hatred, and how its words murder thousand of gay children in the USA every year via suicide.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And when you claim to speak for God, well………………………………

    Katie Murphy said:
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