1. Slayer

    It’s fair expensive for a one day event. I think it’s a great idea but I don’t know if I can stretch to that being honest – I know from experience how much work goes into these events so I hate shiting all over it but I do worry about how successful it’ll be considering none of the acts really jump out as worth a€100 pricetag. :S

  2. Sarah

    I think the idea is that ALL of the acts are worth the €100 together.  I know I would probably pay €50 just to see Roisin Murphy so I’m there all the way!

  3. Sarah

    I know she is only doing a ‘DJ Set’ but I’ve heard some rumours and I’m hoping they are true, either way I’d pay that just to be in the same field as her!

  4. Slayer

    It just seems to be a bit steep for a 1 day festival considering I can go to electric picnic for €240 for 3 days plus camping.
    Like I think it could be a great laugh, I just don’t know if I (and many others) can afford to spring to €100 for one day.

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