1. Paula

    Wouldn’t it be correct to consider that homosexual men are reservoirs of infection due to chosen lifestyle?

    Relaxation of this rule is enough to investigate bloodless surgery.

  2. orange

    To which chosen lifestyle are you referinng, Paula? And no, it wouldn’t be correct to consider gay men to be “reservoirs of infection”.

  3. Ger

    After donating a total of ten times to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service I was refused my offer to donate on the eleventh occasion. Reason: the IBTS brought in a new regulation that anybody who had worked in a subtropical country for longer than 6 months  i.e. Africa south of the Sahara, might have malarial residues in their blood. As I had been a volunteer development worker for a number of years in two African countries I was affected by the new rule. I haven’t donated for over five years and am still fit and healthy. I never got malaria.
    The IBTS will no longer take blood donations from soldiers and gardai who have served in the tropics with the UN for six months or more.
    So who do they get their donations from nowadays? Sports clubs, kung fu martial arts groups, amateur drama groups?

  4. dermonus

    If you went to college you would realize that straight men are far bigger whores than gay men …. Though not in all cases, but its true for most. There also far more lax about using a condom if he knows “she’s on the pill”.

  5. Paula

    I referred to a lifestyle that has resulted in a 42% increase in detected HIV infections in gay and bisexual men.

    Give me a break and at least be honest about the downsides to your choice of lifestyle.

    And please do not donate blood.

  6. Banana2

    Agh, Paula, that comment is very frustrating.
    Aren’t we trying to show that being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice?
    And these downsides you speak of much the same as any straight couple may experience.
    As ConackJacq informed me, the levels of HIV/AIDS detections have been much the same between gay and straight men. It’s only in the past year, it seems, that the levels have increased.
    In addition, in a day and age when every blood donation is tested for Hepatitis B, C and HIV, is there a need to reject blood just because it’s come from a gay male?

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