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While it’s not my usual day to fill your minds with insignicant celebrity stories about Megan Fox and her interest in all things Sapphic, put the kettle on and sure we’ll have a look at the stories making headlines over the last week or so. Things are hectic in Gaelick HQ at the mo so I’ve been drafted from behind the mainframes to fill you on in all the goings-on gay wise.

Of course I would be a bad gay if I were not to start with the CP bill which last Thursday passed through the Dail stage and is heading to the Seanad. The protestors made me laugh. A lot. Espeically the family who travelled up from Mayo to protest with 5 of their 10 children. Now that’s a good Catholic family. His wife had this to say when asked about us and our civil partnerships:

It’s a moral issue, it’s an intrusion into the conscience. If it was right, if it was morally just and good, of course they should have everything . . . but we don’t believe it’s right. God condemns it.

So Mrs Married Catholic with 10 childers, if you thought we were good and moral then it would be okay? How can you argue with such perfect logic? Really? Another one that made me chuckle was how we are going to cause the breakdown of the family unit in Ireland. Forget the drugs and the alcoholism and the other issues that might be already affecting families and the family unit. We are the number 1 threat people. Lock up your daughters folks, the gays are getting civilily partnerified. With that comes good interior design, fabulous dress sense and an amazing ability to asseble IKEA furniture in under an hour. I’m finished ranting now :D

Moving on and over sport, where the Guardian argues its Time for a gay footballer to follow Gareth Thomas’s lead

The biggest question is, why haven’t more footballers come out and supported Gareth’s coming out? Why were none of them in the failed FA film? Interestingly, none of the professional footballers I know are bothered by his coming out, and so many of them are friends with out film stars, actors and singers. So why the silence, then?

I had though this headline was a dream and not just because of the all block capitals, granted, that is upsetting. ADOPTION AGENCY WANTS MORE GAY PARENTS

SCOTLAND’S acute adoption crisis should be resolved by allowing more children to be taken by same sex couples, a leading charity demanded yesterday.

As many as 200 vulnerable youngsters are currently in care as they await loving homes because of a lack of potential parents.

Pro-family campaigner Dr Adrian Rodgers argues

“Given the lack of research and evidence it would probably be wiser to try harder to find ordinary, heterosexual, couples to come forward.”

Those good ole ‘ordinary’ hetrosexuals. Much better then the extraordinary gays.

and look at this crazy person from Stonewall Scotland

Director Carl Watt, said: “The needs of the child are paramount. Where a new family is needed it is key they go to the most suitable, loving and supportive home.”

All this talk of what the child needs and wants, won’t someone think of the parents??! ;)

Whilst its neighbour Iceland are celebrating the nuptials of its prime minster Johanna Sigurdardottir to her partner, Estonia isn’t quite as liberal.

The law in Estonia does not forbid same sex relations, however in the view of Madle Saluveer, member of the Estonian Gay Youth association, it does not give any guarantees as well.

In Europe there are several countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal or Spain that recognize same sex marriage but not Estonia. And it seems it is going to be like this for more time as the new Family Law, a provision that took effect from the first of July, states in its first article clearly that “Marriage is the union between a man and a woman”.

The new law also declares “null and void” the union between two people of the same sex, and this is a regulation that affects couples married in other countries as Mrs Saluveer explains “foreign couples who married in other countries like Iceland, Holland or Spain, wouldn’t be recognized as a married couple in Estonia”.

From Science of the Bleedin Obvious, as click_here likes to call these studies, British Medical Association labels gay conversion therapy harmful, discredited On a more serious note

Journalist Patrick Strudwick posed as a patient seeking “gay conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy” for a year. In his report on his experience, he described what amounted to psychological torture; Strudwick went to two conversion therapists. One, a Christian, focused on turning him to focus on her god and tried hard to convince Strudwick he’d been sexually abused. The other focused on explaining to Strudwick that he was somehow “wounded”, and that he had to find the source of those “wounds” to discover the roots of his sexuality.

“Hopefully, anyone involved in the so-called treatment of homosexuality will realize that the medical profession considers them dangerous charlatans, and will reconsider their beliefs. I also sincerely hope that any vulnerable gay person who is unhappy about their sexuality takes notice of this motion and realizes that it is the world that needs to change, not them.”

Ah Lindsay, it’s been a while. We thought you’d settled down and forgotten about us, fear not, she’s back in the media again. According to ‘media’ reports she is dating Eilat Anshel

Anschel was born and raised in Israel. She actually did a stint in the Israeli army, and betting on that- she must have looked jaw-dropping gorgeous in the army suit.

The only reason to join the army. To look good in the uniform. Gawker made me laugh

Lindsay Lohan has a new Israeli lesbian lover named Eilat Anschel. And everyone is super excited because she’s a “former member of the Israeli Defense Force”. Except, everyone in Israel has to join the IDF for at least two years, so, this is like saying Lindsay Lohan is a “former high school student.”

I spent a lot of time doing some research to find a decent picture of Miss Anschel, I know the things I do for you guys, and the one on the left is the only one I could find.

Good news from gayrights.change.org, Victoria Kolakowski: The Country’s First Transgender Judge?

The New York born candidate, who now lives outside of San Francisco, finished first in her historic bid for a seat on the Alameda County Superior Court in last month’s primary race. Voters will decide this fall whether to elect Kolakowski. She is currently an administrative law judge for the state Public Utilities Commission.

I smell code brewing…until next time, adious Sappic sisters!

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