1. mel

    Did anyone see the program on Channel 4 ‘Africa’s last taboo’? It was really eye opening. Its amazing to think that some countries are moving forward but yet so many gay people remain unable to live their lives.  Its totally unbalanced but reading this gives hope and really makes me wonder how come Ireland can’t go the full hog and legalise gay marriage?  Slow steps that are great but so much to do.

  2. I watched it Mel. Sweet god above it was horrendous. It’s so easy to forget that we are actually quite lucky in our world. I’m not saying that we should be happy with crumbs from the table of those who think of themselves as maters.  Just, thank god/David Norris/Oscar Wilde/et al for changing our reality.

    I just can’t even put myself in their lives. The fear and hatred was terrifying.
    Fear of being caught, fear of having a homo in the family….it was horrendous.

    And those bastards who use God, bible and the influence of the west as an excuse to hate should be ashamed. As one human rights worker said Westerners “brought homophobia, not homosexuality to Africa”.

    It was like medaevil times.


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