1. Can’t. Stand. Frankie. When is she going to stop whining and crying? And why are there no butch characters in this show either? I noticed they were good enough for extras, but not for speaking parts.
    So, again, a bunch of girly women who need a cheeseburger intervention are the television lesbians to watch. So tiresome. Old before it even starts.
    Oh and the stupid looking one with the big brown cow-eyes? Why is everyone so excited about her?

  2. Red Devil

    I agree with you Hal ,Frankie is Hot and what do people want, show’s have to be cast with hotties and shocking scene’s to get on TV to start with and if they weren’t then do you really think they would get watched or even talked about in the first place .

  3. orange

    I don’t want to spoil anything parts of the episode lest anyone hasn’t seen it yet but that scene towards the end (in the embalming room) made me really queasy.

    Overall, I liked the pilot episode. I laughed out loud a few times, loved the South England and Glasgow accents. And Cat’s brother is so cute. I agree with statements above: Frankie=The Devil… but a very hot devil. I think Cat may be my fave although Tess seems great too.

  4. mel

    Dont understand the whole attraction to Frankie just think she is okay but would not leave me breathless.  Really like Tess she’s as awkward as me which I though was close to impossible!
     Looks wise think the policewoman Sam is the best looking and at least she seems able to be walk down the street without being unfaithfull. The second episode was better and now it seems to be getting into its stride.

  5. ok, last night Frankie got on my nerves. I’ve seen through the heat and am annoyed.

    Why on EARTH was she wearing a camera everywhere she went? We know she’s a photographer but please put the plot hammer down.

    Plus, she was emo to the max. I do love the interaction between her and Cat though.

    And poor Tess.

    Agree, Mel, it’s starting to get into its stride

  6. Webmaster

    Yeah, Frankie needs to lose to emo look, its not working for her. If she wants to get back with Cat, stop randomly showing up at her place and freaking the beejeebus out of her..

    I really like Tess and her ‘gf’s accent is lurvely..

    Am getting into it now though and its nothing like the L word which I think is a good thing!

  7. Red Devil

    I have to say after watching last night’s episode am really starting to like Cat she remind’s me of Simone Lahbib and I love her .
    Have to say am loving the show just wish there was more than six episode’s!.

  8. sblg

    lol.FRANKIE FRANKIE FRANKIE FRANKIE!!!! :D lip service tops the L word but still cant beat a bit of Shane. ges frankie (lip sevice) and shane (l word) have quite a bit in common so meh just luvn them both. god..i misd last nyts n now iplayers workin up.duno if its iplayer or if its my laptop.shall try any means possible.lol.x

  9. ZivaBe

    Hi hi from Belgium!
    I enjoyed it, better than the L word. Especially enjoyed the couple of funny moments in it.
    I like them all in their own way. Different people, different characters. So stop moaning about Frankie….. it’s just a role she plays.
    Don’t hate me now. :D

  10. Greetings, commenters!  Glad to see the votes are in from the Belgium jury – yep, I agree, I think Lip Service is already proving itself to be better than the L Word.  I thought the second episode was a lot stronger than the first, which is super.  (Although I have to confess to being one of the people who gets annoyed by the Frankie character – and I too remarked on that camera, hah!)

    Looking forward to next week’s episode – whee!

  11. Shauna

    Frankie is just a total carbon copy of Shane in that she is:
    She is such an unoriginal character it’s unreal.

  12. ZivaBe

    Well hello again from the Belgian jury.
    Last nights episode was quite good. Call me weird but i quite fancy that police woman.
    Have a great day everyone and till the next time.
    Oh yea…. Frankie will always be Frankie. Without Frankie who would people have to moan about? The rest seems so “nice”.   :)

  13. Aeron

    Hey, I too am from Belgium .. nice to see other ppl watching it here :) It’s cool that we get BBC3. Anyway, although I get the comparisons between Frankie and Shane, I don’t think Frankie is an unoriginal character. First of all, imho Ruta is a LOT hotter than Kate.. no offence. Second, Frankie seems a lot darker.. I mean Shane would not try to make out with say,  Carmen, at her own aunt’s funeral… it’s a bit over the top even for Shane… I love the Frankie character it goes well with the moody setting. Beautiful show so far.

  14. Aussieviewer

    I can’t help compare Lip Service and the L word. I think lip service is closer to reality than the L Word sometimes, but in other cases way off.
    Shane moped as much as Frankie, it’s just people were distracted by other story-lines in the L Word. The reason Shane is more likeable is she is loyal to her mates and always speaks nicely to people, despite sleeping around.
    But Frankie just appears as a “Shane type” who sleeps around with less build up and as there are less characters, her moping is centre stage. I can see why people dislike her, nothing about her is likeable so far. Except her hot accent and looks ;). So if you don’t fancy her, chances are you will hate her…

    Frankie’s more real cause in reality most people aren’t like Shane and just speak politely even when they are hurting. But the embalming room scene was just nothing like reality. So was the way Frankie just flirted with the secretary then instantly they’re getting it on. Was that some attempt to take the “Shane” concept to a whole new level? it was just plain sick…

  15. Trish + Jan

    Hi all lip servicers :-) There sooo has to be a second series of lip service! Even if it’s just to settle a difference of opinion, i thought i picked up maybe, that Jay could possibly like the delighful Frankie a lil bit more than he is lettin on…? And yes, i know they had s.e.x, but he seemed to protest too much re his non love for Frankie…

    Besides the bizarrrrre and horrifying scene at the morgue, (what whack job thought that up? Has anyone actually ever really done that! Retorical!) the show has been a joy to watch, with some hillarious moments, mainly with Tess, but also when Frankie helped Jay out with Cat’s assistant was classic!!
    Stable Sam should get the girl, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  16. yasmin

    I Love Frankie She Has My Gf Name And Me And My Gf Are Just Like Kat And Frankie I Would Love It Back On In 2011 It Would Be Great :)xxx

  17. “Well it’s official. Straight men are into completely different women than lesbians and bi broads.”

    This comes as a surprise to you? LOL. I have a weakness for blondes with butchy hair so it’s Frankie all the way for me.

  18. nin88

    I’m just getting into this show, 2 years late, and I was led here because…I HATE FRANKIE!

    I’m only on episode 2 and I can’t stand her. Though I’m late, I refuse to look up the ending because thus far this is really good series, however, Frankie and her emo mopping and constant screwing isn’t my cup of tea.

    Also…unfortunately, I always, ALWAYS attract Frankie/Shane type women. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get her appeal, frankly those type of women make my skin crawl- in a bad way. Yuck.

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