1. Hey there! Thanks for posting about this. Hope you guys enjoy the programme tomorrow. My poor blog, much ignored by its owner! I’ll have to get back on that soon.

  2. Hey Conor, no worries at all.  Looking forward to watching this tonight.  Am I right in believing what I heard about there being another speaker on the programme, to “balance” the discussion?

    Wait, no, don’t tell me!

  3. I hope so! TV3 website – the often have programmes available afterwards (fingers crossed).

    Lovely interview, Conor and his folks chatting away (some questionable though well-intentioned questions by the interviewer, e.g. mother in law “joke”).

    (Thankfully David “Iona” Quinn was confined to some pre-recorded schpiel at the start and that was it.)

  4. Gooner

    Great interview, I thought the interview asked the types of questions those boring types out there would ask themselves.  We all rolled our eyes but as Click Here said, all seemed well intentioned
    Congrats Conor

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