1. Shauna

    Love Sam – great character and she is quite the looker indeed!
    Shall definitely be watching next week:)
    Also I don’t get all the fuss about Frankie?
    She is just a blonde Shane – not exactly original is she?!

  2. Sue

    Murray I think it is DS Sam Murray but she is my favourtie so far, assuming her character last the 6 episode tangent! She has a fierce fit body also!

  3. hal

    She’s a lezzer in real life?!
    Not that it matters like, but YAY!!!
    I have to say, I really think that the Beeb think she’s butch, or as butch as they’re comfortable with. Hilarious! They have no idea really, bless.
    I’m really liking the contrast between Sam’s well-adjusted, normality and Frankie’s pottiness. Who will Cat choose?

  4. They actually had Cat *call* her butch in the episode. What was really creepy is that in the same scene where we meet Sam, there are actual butches in the background. My kingdom for an actual butch character on telly.
    Frankie’s not even a blonde Shane. She’s a blonde Shane with Jennie’s drama.

  5. Gooner

    Sam is great, I really hope Cat picks her but I bet we are meant to want her to pick Frankie.
    Frankie is a pain in the a*se
    Loving Tess and Cat’s friendship too, hilarious

  6. aleshia

    sam is the hottest thing on the show , thats the only reason i watch it! i swear franky is the worst just like shane terrible, person . cat should be with sam! i hate that you let her sleep with franky it was such a mistake, it almost made me sick. i will stop watching this show if you put cat with franky! i hated shane and dislike franky more!!!!!!

  7. Karen M

    I enjoyed the new series however felt it a bit short. Roll on the next series?….:) I thought it was written and acted very well, sort of reminded me of some of my own life experiences! lol loves not always black and white :o

  8. Hey Karen! Yeah, six episodes for a series isn’t that long – especially when two-thirds of the original cast are gone by the time it’s halfway through!

    Fingers crossed for the next series, though, defo.

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