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This is a party political broadcast for Team Frankie

Ladies and gentlehumans, we are faced with a difficult decision, one which could have repercussions for generations to come. Never before have we been faced with a choice so difficult, so based on human emotion and has our community so divided: should it be Frankie or Sam?

Now, we all know that the ultimate decision as to what will happen has been made by those in the BBC. However, you and I here and now can make the moral choice; who should Cat choose? I know you will join me in voting for Frankie.

Frankie is, quite simply, the love of Cat’s life. They have a history and need to create a future.

Lest you think Team Frankie denies it, we know that she has, quite frankly (ahem) acted like a knuckle-headed toss-bag in the past. She seduced the lovely Cat away from her girlfriend just to leave. She broke Cat’s heart. You will find no denial of the facts here. May I, however, point out an important detail? During her formative years, Frankie never had a relationship of any kind with anyone; no parents, no siblings and no friends. Everyone she ever loved left her. Then she lost her heart to Cat. Can you image the terror? What would she do when Cat left her, as everyone always does? The pain would be unbearable, so she ran. Scared, lost and lonely she ran.

Now, finally, we see Frankie dealing with her issues. She is seeking out her identity in more ways than one; whose child is she, and who’s woman will she be? For she is, now finally, a woman. She knows that she uses sex to numb the pain. The pain of not having Cat.

Should she be seen to deserve our heroine, Frankie will be the passionate, attentive, fun partner Cat demands. She is Cat’s soul mate. A vote for Frankie is a vote for the heart over the head, passion over profession, heat over humdrum.

Vote Frankie; A Vote from the Heart

This is a party political broadcast for Team Sam

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my learned friend for her input. Reading her words just reaffirms my position, Frankie can not be the one for Cat, not only do you not walk away from your girlfriend and head half way around the world without so much as a “catch ye later”, you don’t, under ANY circumstances do that to your friend, your best friend no less. Recent events have had Frankie in a desperate plea for us to see her in a better light. A few hidden stares and stolen glances can’t, however, undo the facts: She goes around feeling sorry for herself and looking for sympathy when all she needs to do is grow the hell up and stop having the emotional capacity of a child. Don’t get me wrong, I think Frankie is a good person at heart and if she sorts herself out she could be a great friend to Cat, but the love of her life? I don’t see it.

Now let’s take a look at the competition, Sam. Not only does she treat Cat with the respect she deserves, she herself is stoic yet soft, emotional yet strong. We can see, in Cat and Sam, a strong couple in the making. After a rocky start, Sam gave Cat another chance and if Frankie hadn’t come back to rock the boat, Sam and Cat would be happy as two pees in a pod. Frankie’s presence is not affecting our ladies because she is the one for Cat, no, it is her words and actions that are having such a negative effect. She is just trying to manipulate the situation so that no one else can have Cat. Similar to what she has done to Becky and Jay. Heaven forbid Jay should go off and be happy, as he was till Frankie showed up talking about the noose around his neck.

Sam and Cat have some real chemistry and I’m not just talking about in the bedroom (or office or taxi or…). They have a genuine connection. The way Sam looks at Cat is cute as a button. If you were to ask me what scene out of the whole show that made me smile the broadest, it would have to be the scene when Cat and Sam were walking up the road arm in arm. It was just gorgeous, all you had to do was look at the to see how happy they made each other.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter who is reliable and who is a mess, who you know the longest and who you have just met, Cat has to pick the one that lights her up inside, and unless Frankie grows up and stops acting like a petulant child, that person is Sam.

Who should Cat choose?

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  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bosca and gaelick, Olga Short. Olga Short said: RT @gaelick: New blog posting, Cast Your Vote – http://tinyurl.com/34x6pmh [...]

    Tweets that mention Vote Frankie | gaelick -- Topsy.com said:
  • I voted Frankie because I think Sam deserves better than Cat :)

    CanuckJacq said:
  • Have been discussing this on Twitter (because I’m supposed to be doing so many other things) and the suggestion has been floated that this discussion is very monogamy-centric and that there is absolutely no good reason why Sam and Frankie and Cat cannot have a perfectly good non-monogamous arrangement. Except, of course, that two of the three have the emotional maturity that barely rivals a 7 year old. But it’d be fun.

    Also — Sam and Frankie — angry, jealous sex.


    Just saying, like.

    CanuckJacq said:
  • Oh Team Frankie always!

    Frankie may not be a big old saint/hero as Sam is often (by her fans) made out to be, but you can’t help who you fall in love with and Cat loves Frankie. I don’t see why I should be happy with Cat choosing Sam when Cat knows herself Sam is the safe option she can settle for, and that is what she is doing settling for Sam and trying to protect her heart, but it can only be for so long Cat can’t deny the love. Afterall it’s better to “have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” so follow your heart Cat. And you know what I think she will.

    Lauren said:
  • I’ve said it from the start, Team Frankie all the way..Cat loves Frankie, and as Lauren pointed out she’d be settling for a boring life with Sam. And Frankie has matured…a bit ;)

    Except, of course, that two of the three have the emotional maturity that barely rivals a 7 year old. But it’d be fun.


    Webmaster said:
  • Sam Sam Sam

    Lou said:
  • Sam!

    they’ll be perfect together, each balancing out the other’s crazy

    And Jacqui, give us a chance, we’re only getting to see leppians on the telly, don’t confuse us all with a label-free, non-monogamous ideas ;)

    HAL (author) said:
  • I just said SAM?!?!??!

    I meant Frankie


    HAL (author) said:
  • I think cat should pick frankie because she is the one she truly loves,picking Sam would be the safe option in my opinion .

    Red Devil said:
  • I think the writers did some serious work on episode 5 to show that Cat has feelings for Frankie. Up till then all I could see was one way traffic. They also did a lot to undo Cat and Sam’s chemistry.
    Amazing what can happen in one episode really.

    Cat has to pick who she loves of course

    Gooner said:
  • FRANKIE!!!! Sam is too boooooring for Cat….she’d be better with TESS!!!

    Adele said:
  • Sam all the way.

    It’s definitely a close one!

    Jules said:
  • Follow your heart or don’t bother with both.
    It’s better to stay single than hurting 2 people at the same time.

    humpty said:
  • Team Sam all the way, how will she be boring she is hot and kind and loving and fun and gorgous

    Sarah said:
  • Sam without a shadow of a doubt although I do get the point of Sam a safe option but still she should choose Sam. I think it’s a good portrayal of when an ex comes back into your life and suddenly all the crap they put you through is a distant memory and there they are all glowing and wonderfull. Sam could do better than Cat but if thats who Sam wants.
    Its a pity that Cat’s heart was obviously broken all over again when it was reveled about Jay and Frankie. Sam is gorgeous etc yet I got the impression it was such a chore for Cat to declare any feelings to her. Cat is only using Sam as second best but maybe she has to make the mistake with Frankie again to realise what she is losing before she realises that Sam is the right choice. Glad that rant is off my chest!

    mel said:
  • Oh come on, is it believable that Cat still loves Frankie? After seeing that morgue debauchery I would be disgusted… and then she slept with Jay? That just does it…

    Let’s face it: not everyone wants the bad girl, especially if you got your heart broken by her already. Sam is such a great person and it’s not true that she’s boring. She’s just stable… that doesn’t mean she’s not funny. They did have sex in her office … and then in a freaking taxi… on which planet is that something a boring person does? Sam’s actually too perfect in my opinion. It’s good that in episode 5 they portrayed her weakness in the fact she really loves Cat and that makes her scared/insecure. That made the character more realistic for me.

    I believe the most powerful ending would be for Cat to finally realize she’s completely over Frankie and go back to Sam only to find out Sam’s no longer there (because she’s sick of being the one Cat just settles for). Everyone ends up alone… perfect emotional conclusion to a powerful drama and it gives a lot of room for a second season. We’ll see what they came up with on Tuesday.

    Bring it on! :)

    Steff said:
  • Tuesday’s one is the end of the season!? :(

    Soapie said:
  • Frankie and Cat live in their history together and that’s all they have going for eachother. Frankie needs some form of self therapy and to get away from people who judge her. A relationship with Cat will not make her better. Cat still has a lot of resentment. I just don’t see actual love with these two, they live in the past. I like how they’re portraying all of this because this does happen to a lot of people with their exs. Maybe that’s what they’re doing here and how it just never works out.

    Voted for Sam.

    MessyMess said:
  • It has to be Frankie,that’s where the chemistry is…and dont we always want back with the ex who got away?… unfinished business!

    Ger said:
  • I don’t think the results are accurate. You can easily vote multiple times and stuff the ballot by resetting your browser’s cookies and then reloading the page and I’ve seen some actually plan on doing this. FYI.

    I guess there’s a reason they’re call fans.

    Shannie said:
  • Yay Sam!

    Down with Wankie!

    Slayer said:
  • Sam all the way!! They are prefect together and sam is gorgeous!!
    I love frankie but think she can find someone better, her and sadie make a good couple.

    lauren said:
  • Sadie is a twat. Yeah, I said it.

    Sorry but she’s just a nutter. Frankie and Cat. Puuurrrrfect

    We’ll see tonight though

    I have to admit, I can’t believe that Frankie is winning 61%-39%, I honestly thought that Sam would win.
    Thank you for giving me hope voters :)

    HAL (author) said:
  • I was disappointed as I wanted Cat to stay with Sam, but if we’re to have a second series (please) then this is the way it has to be for now. I just want to say how nice it is to have a series like Lip Service on TV and please make a second series cos I love it!

    Kat said:
  • My girlfriends name is Sam, and she makes me very happy. She is also tender, loving and caring, and very trustworthy, so I go with Sam all the way!

    Magdalena said:
  • anyone who has seen the show can see that cat is in love with frankie.yes sam is good for cat but cat never forget frankie. cat and frankie has something special which is not between sam and cat.
    so my vote for frankie…….love this show

    guriqbal singh said:
  • … I was pleased with the ending as it keeps it open for another series (please pplease please!)
    Frankie & Sam are BOTH gorgeous! How can she choose, the chemistry in this programme was fantastic – well done all involved . Brilliant acting … Cat was the best ever!
    Thanks again

    emmyville said:
  • SAM!


    IZUMI said:
  • Anyone but Frankie, she’s a liability and cares for no-one but herself, the tramp

    Star of the show has to be Tess who is funny, sexy and just wonderful

    Glenn said:
  • Frankie of course! Their love is HOT, passionate, and you can see the sparks flying. Sam is awesome, but I don’t think there is a real Love spark between Cat and Sam. Something is missing there. Beside, Frankie is just a very interesting, crazy and HOT woman!

    KaD said:

    kkllo said:
  • I voted frankie, i initially prefered Sam but i agree that it cooled off between her and cat later on i think sam’s a bit like cat was with frankie its a bit more one sided! however cat’s captain sensible now so maybe she’ll go with sam i cant decide she’s very hot though so i can see what all the fuss is about!!

    em said:
  • Sam …….. all the way.

    QiQi said:
  • Well sorry ‘sam lovers’ but im all for cat gettit back 2getha wiv frankie!!! its plain obvious cat still loves frankie, and vice versa in her own way! Who does 4get they’re 1st Love??? I never did, & were bak together now.
    So, cat also slept wiv frankie wen she realised frankie was off 2 another country…SO – IF can cared bout sam ‘so much’ then why did she do tht mmm??? All i’m sayin is this – afterall, LOVE CONQUERS ALL, & I THINK U SHUD FOLLOW UR HEART, MORE THAN UR HEAD. If she chooses 2 go with the safe & secure option ‘Sam’ then she wil always regret it… I hope Cat & Frankie get bak 2getha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kalie said:
  • LOVING the comments, y’all. I see that the gap is narrowing now, although Frankie’s still in the lead with 54%.

    Also, sh’rup, HAL: I’m firmly on Team Sam. I must get one of those “DS Sam Murray took down my particulars” t-shirts..!

    click here said:

    isis said:

    frenkie need to jog of

    ahem said:
  • only 4% in it now!

    Sam or Mankie?!

    What a (non) choice:)

    Shauna said:

    ME said:
  • ok I have a real dilemma here!
    I’m team Sam all the way! So, I have to vote Frankie….
    Simply because tonight after finally getting to watch ep6, as much as the chemistry was sizzling for Cat and the beautiful Frankie………and of course a fab scene………..I was sooooooooo gutted for Sam (and cursing Cat)and ‘frankly’ excuse the pun, Sam deserves better, and well, she knew the first time Cat lied to her, she already knows this time – you could just tell!
    So the question remains – does Cat actually deserve anything more than a ‘head*****) when she is being one herself?
    So now, she has done the dirty deed admittedly with her first love (however, no excuse) after asking Sam to move in – and after Frankie was going to leave – and told Frankie she still loves her – but she is in love with Sam……………
    Guess Series two will continue with this love triangle – and Cat will continue to be a head***** to both…because if she makes a final decision – where is the storyline?
    I also REALLY do think that Sam needs to be a more important character too #TeamSam!!!!!!!!!!!
    OO and just have to add## It was Jay who came on to Frankie while she was soo vulnerable- not the other way around grrrrr…However, neither can be excused, so if slating be a must, slate them both – equally!!! lol xox There has soo gotta be a 2nd series xox

    sammmmmmmmmm said:
  • we need t shirts with

    and I like it what ahem said

    so do I need to say ok,I say


    tiamat said:
  • Great comments, it’s been a while since lesbians everywhere have been split on an issue :)
    Team Sam is just about ahead at the moment, yay!

    Gooner said:
  • I want more! It cannot end here! Season 2 please…

    Isobel said:
  • Team Frankie. I feel like Cat will never be able to get over Frankie and Frankie is only able to love Cat. Sam can find someone else but history can never be erased or forgotten.

    Sara Ashley said:
  • If Cat wants to be miserable and spend a year or so with a quasi-sociopath, because that’s what Frankie is, then Frankie’s the one. As this is drama, and Cat is a character who can only have toxic relationships, Cat will dither between the two. That’s the scenario from which the writers could wring out every last drop of melodrama: predictable though it mIght be. Especially, as has been insightfully commented above, the characters operate at the emotional level of maturity of seven year olds…hmm, probably an insult to seven year olds.
    Sam definitely deserves better and, in real life, gets it. I’ve met a few ‘Sams’ in my time: the real ‘Sam’ would know to cut her losses, move on, and, wisely, stay well clear of the whole Cat and Frankie mess.

    toffeesprite said:
  • If this was real life, then Cat should definitely choose Sam. They’d live happily ever after, and Frankie does her thing – everyone’s mates and all’s well that ends well. Great for a movie with a definite ending.

    But… that wouldn’t make a great story for a possible Season 2 Drama Series now, would it?

    Whatever happens next, bring it on ;-)

    Jay Versluis said:
  • Cat should be with Sam, for now. Let her test this new relationship shes embarking on. Shes only ever loved Frankie before, but now she gets a fresh start with someone new, exciting and great in bed!! although no-ones mentioned Cats naughty behaviour while in a relationship with Sam. Cheating on Sam with Frankie! what a massive blow that would be on Sam..Will Cat see the relationship through with Sam?? I totally loved the snow laden ground for Frankie’s final scene with her mum..I hope she changes her ways..

    Lesley said:
  • This is WAR
    kids vs grown ups

    kkllo said:
  • frankie is so not boring she is a fun of universe especially shagging in morgues next to corpses,come on people.she is monkey give her a banana

    And for those who say that Sam is boring I wonder how many boring people are sexually aggressive.God, if that is to be boring, Sam, come to bore me please.And please bore me in kitchen every day

    closure kids vs grown ups

    kkllo said:
  • 50-50 now
    Which sums it all up really.

    Come on BBC, make season 2!!!!

    Gooner said:
  • Sam!Sam!Sam!Sam!Sam!…………..SAM !!!

    whit said:
  • Sam all the way, altho if cat goes with frankie i could have sam for myself … hmm if only this was reality!

    and how weird is it that the poll is exactly 50/50???

    Bea said:
  • cat should be with sam for another reason, if cat breaks up with sam and goes with frankie, then it would be very difficult to involve heather peace’s character much longer :’( that would be a big shame

    Bea said:
  • Sam for sure, she is what cat needs stable honest person. Frankie just messes her about.

    kayleigh said:
  • Sam sam sam, omg she perfect and is not boring just a adult!! please people franky over sam please thats insane!!!!!!!!why would cat ever touch that franky again, after what shes has done . cat needs her head check , and the writers ,,,,out if shes picks franky just because u love someone does not mean u should be with them franky is yucky i would not touch her!!!!!

    aleshia said:
  • no way it thats many women out there that would date franky,,,!!! u would want a girlfriend like franky!!!!omg no way!!!! ok i will keep sam hummy sam is sooo hummy

    aleshia said:
  • ok this is to the writers of lip service please please dont take sam away,, believe or not every body not damage or want a bad bad girl, sams the only solid charter u have .and i love her!!!!!!!!she should have been a main charter!!personally i believe she deserves better than to be treated like that!!!

    aleshia said:
  • the writers need to grow cat up, nobody would want that kind of pain again and franky only came back because her aunt died not for cat!!! jezz cat charter is unbelievable !!!!!! sammmmmmmm !! cat needs her

    aleshia said:
  • sam sam sam sam

    aleshia said:
  • Team Sam she won’t break your heart

    Lou said:
  • Sam and Cat yes please they are fit.

    Ollie said:
  • I voted for Frankie!

    Tiffany said:
  • as you like Sam?can and is good, but boring and such a male. Frankie and Cat should be together. sorry for my bad English

    1990 said:
  • when he finally appears in the second season. how do I do this break between seasons, and why only six episodes, it’s not enough. should be at least 12th sory for my bad English

    1990 said:
  • I vote Frankie because I understand from season 1 that Cat loves her. Simply. Heart don`t understand about conveniences, at least in fiction…

    Norma said:
  • [...] pondering the conundrum: Team Sam or Team Frankie? When season one ended, we were deadlocked on our poll. Here’s hoping season two gives us more (coughteamfrankiecough) to think about; hot passion [...]

    Lip Service | gaelick said:
  • Don’t like Sam at all, so i voted for Frankie ^_^
    They are so cute together!!
    I freakin love Cat so much!! <3

    Stefanie said:
  • Cat should be with Frankie. She never has given her relationship with Sam a fair chance anyway. She has allways loved Frankie, but having a relationship with her is and has been very difficult. The cheating is not fair to Sam. Every one should be with the love of her live. So Cat and Frankie too.

    Muriel said:
  • i vote neither.

    Actually, I wonder if Cat and Frankie are so bonded to each other doesn’t relate to being in love, but because they knew each other as teens. Some people who keep the same CLOSE friends they had as children tend to care for them even more so than their biological family. And from the bits here and there, you learn they had a very close friendship growing up. Teen years are very emotionally intense years. Couple that with sharing alot of your first with someone whose a close friend- I guess they would feel an intense connection to each other. But I don’t think it’s the IN LOVE type.

    However…I’m still on series 1 episodes, maybe that’s why my views are this way. But thus far neither of Cat’s suitors are impressing me.

    nin88 said:
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