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  1. Bea

    Sam all the way, altho if cat goes with frankie i could have sam for myself … hmm if only this was reality!

    and how weird is it that the poll is exactly 50/50???

  2. Bea

    cat should be with sam for another reason, if cat breaks up with sam and goes with frankie, then it would be very difficult to involve heather peace’s character much longer :'( that would be a big shame

  3. kayleigh

    Sam for sure, she is what cat needs stable honest person. Frankie just messes her about.

  4. aleshia

    Sam sam sam, omg she perfect and is not boring just a adult!! please people franky over sam please thats insane!!!!!!!!why would cat ever touch that franky again, after what shes has done . cat needs her head check , and the writers ,,,,out if shes picks franky just because u love someone does not mean u should be with them franky is yucky i would not touch her!!!!!

  5. aleshia

    no way it thats many women out there that would date franky,,,!!! u would want a girlfriend like franky!!!!omg no way!!!! ok i will keep sam hummy sam is sooo hummy

  6. aleshia

    ok this is to the writers of lip service please please dont take sam away,, believe or not every body not damage or want a bad bad girl, sams the only solid charter u have .and i love her!!!!!!!!she should have been a main charter!!personally i believe she deserves better than to be treated like that!!!

  7. aleshia

    the writers need to grow cat up, nobody would want that kind of pain again and franky only came back because her aunt died not for cat!!! jezz cat charter is unbelievable !!!!!! sammmmmmmm !! cat needs her

  8. 1990

    as you like Sam?can and is good, but boring and such a male. Frankie and Cat should be together. sorry for my bad English

  9. 1990

    when he finally appears in the second season. how do I do this break between seasons, and why only six episodes, it’s not enough. should be at least 12th sory for my bad English

  10. Norma

    I vote Frankie because I understand from season 1 that Cat loves her. Simply. Heart don`t understand about conveniences, at least in fiction…

  11. [...] pondering the conundrum: Team Sam or Team Frankie? When season one ended, we were deadlocked on our poll. Here’s hoping season two gives us more (coughteamfrankiecough) to think about; hot passion [...]

  12. Stefanie

    Don’t like Sam at all, so i voted for Frankie ^_^
    They are so cute together!!
    I freakin love Cat so much!! <3

  13. Muriel

    Cat should be with Frankie. She never has given her relationship with Sam a fair chance anyway. She has allways loved Frankie, but having a relationship with her is and has been very difficult. The cheating is not fair to Sam. Every one should be with the love of her live. So Cat and Frankie too.

  14. nin88

    i vote neither.

    Actually, I wonder if Cat and Frankie are so bonded to each other doesn’t relate to being in love, but because they knew each other as teens. Some people who keep the same CLOSE friends they had as children tend to care for them even more so than their biological family. And from the bits here and there, you learn they had a very close friendship growing up. Teen years are very emotionally intense years. Couple that with sharing alot of your first with someone whose a close friend- I guess they would feel an intense connection to each other. But I don’t think it’s the IN LOVE type.

    However…I’m still on series 1 episodes, maybe that’s why my views are this way. But thus far neither of Cat’s suitors are impressing me.

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