1. ME

    write her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONLY IF THEY ARE CRAZY
    and when frenkie was on screen that was time for making coffee or going to wc

  2. isis



    WRITHE OUT !bay bay bay bay bay lip service!!!

  3. chez

    who r these 3%!loved to c what they look like!cor heather what can i say?!they got to keep u in nxt series.BIG MISTAKE if they dont!

  4. Elise

    I think Heather acted the others (other than ‘Tess’ who was just as good an actor) off the screen. I think they made Heather’s character the way it was to emphasise the drama in Cat’s choice and provide a ‘shout at the screen factor’.

    Oh, btw: Did the ‘sex’ scenes detract or add to Lip Service?
    Would the series have had more dramatic credibility if they’d left some of the more pointless (graphic) ones out? There were one or two that i thought were momentarily erotic but many just seemed to have been put in for the sake of it – or is it just me?

  5. Gooner

    Interesting point Elise, I think most of the sex scenes were part of the story but I take your point.
    What does anyone else think?

  6. tranex

    i absolutely agree that heather stole the show – by episode 4 it becomes pretty obvious. what i don’t know is whether Harriet Braun planned it this way (she is a very smart writer) or it happened because of Heather who played this character.
    i am in the US, and am trying to introduce all my friends to the show. i noticed that a lot of my straight friends like frankie a lot, find her gorgeous and everything. but all lesbians around just *melt* when the hot cop enters the stage. and start shouting at the screen telling frankie to jump from the roof and leave cat be. and, finally, exit the room in anger during cat/ frankie sex scene.

    all that without knowing that heather is gay in real life and all that.

    i was so relieved when i heard harriet say that in the 2nd season Sam becomes quite a big character, because i was also afraid that, somehow, they were going to write her out of the show, which would be tragic. so our prayers have been heard after all!

  7. tiamat

    J was oh Shain with blond hair very original,hm not watching.But my friends know me so well,they practically forced me to watched.When Sam appeared on screen I was like, “O HELOO,,and than she spoke and I fall off from my bed,her character is glorious.So I start wining she is hot she is very hot,and than three episodes latter I found out she is gay ….still siting on the floor.I think that creators thought that whole audience would want Cat to choose Frankie,Sam had very little space compere to frankie but that was enough. LET FACE IT WOMAN SIMPLE STOLE THE SHOW.So like ahem said ,, MORE OF SEM
    less of monkey,,.

  8. akko

    yeah, that’s the kind of a reaction most of my friends and me had. ;))))

    as i was watching the show for the 5th time i notice that there is something captivating about heather peace facial expressions – she can smile with her eyes only while appearing completely serious and in control and vice versa, smile with her eyes being sad or serious.

    The chemistry Sam and Cat had reminded me quite a bit of another great show Bad Girls and another hot couple – Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade. There is something Helen Stewart like about Cat in this show, and Sam is kind of scary to Cat (just like Nikki to Helen in Bad Girls), but “in a good way”. i also did feel that Sam had comparatively little role as compared with frankie, which hopefully will be corrected in season 2.
    please god, let there be season 2!!!

  9. Jane

    Me & my other half think Sam was the sexiest one in the series by far. And I’d vote for her to stay with Cat rather than Cat getting back with Frankie. But it will be very interesting to see how the second series goes with these 3.
    Do you think if she had put Frankie and Cat together at the beginning then split them up there might be more people wanting Frankie and Cat together? Or have we all just fallen for Sam???

    I’ve just read here that there will be a 2nd series I hope that’s right. oh loving Tess too very sweet and funny, and the 2 guys..

  10. Ann-Marie

    From Spain, I’ve only just started watching the series and find Heather very nice. Yes, she can come over here for a holiday when ever she likes.

  11. Jordan Thane

    Ive just discovered the show here in australia. OMG Heather Peace makes the show. Amazing presence and the chemistry with cat and sam makes me weak. Every time shes on the screen I just swoon. Shes sooo sexy.

  12. Cat is the main lead in this series. So, what we want cat to be? Cat choosing frankie would reflect cat being immature, emotional and foolish. Cat favoring Sam would enhance cat’s character as an adult who is steady, intelligent and wise.

    Peace is voted no.10 in pink list. Her popularity among music fans and lip servcie fans who are basically LGBT cannot be ignored. BBC should keep her for season 3, 4,5 ,6…..

    I’m straight yet and i hv watched LP season 1..I can honestly tell you, heather peace had stolen the spotlight!

  13. Connie4Heather

    Heather is the Choice. So what if Frankie has “changed” which is most likely the”message” but Sam most likely changed and is LIVING IT – that is A True Message!!! ~Connie

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