1. Shauna

    Loved the series, however short it was and despite its predictability at times – def think it could be really good if the writers have another 12 or more episodes to really develop plots and characters.

  2. angie

    Fantastic programme. Ruta was amazing and hot and sulky and spoilt and fantastic all at the same time. Laura Fraser is now the cheater which i thought Frankie was.Roll on a second series its a must.

  3. Kitty

    When Frankie and Cat started kissing I said “Nooo!”

    However, I concede that it would have been far too simple and idyllic if everything had been wrapped up in a neat little package (to quote Homer Simpson). Sam is too perfect, Cat still loves Frankie and Frankie still has issues.

    They’ve either left it on a cliff hanger and will do another series, or they’ve done one of those annoying “open to interpretation” endings as was done with Series 2 and 4 of Skins. Grr.

    It seems a clever move by the writers; having Cat cheat on Sam has made her less one-dimensional and proves that anyone can succumb to temptation, not just people like Frankie and Jay.

    I really hope they’ll do another series, and I really hope that Cat either picks Sam or loses Sam and realises what she’s lost.

  4. emmyville

    i really enjoyed the whole series , very well written !

    Actors were all brilliant … especially Cat, she was fantastic, think she’s made some unwanted admirers now tho:)

    Great ending as it leaves it open for another series!

  5. mel

    Really good but thought it felt a bit too rushed in the last episode. At the end when Cat opened the present and it was so sentimental really hit home how sometimes your heart will just rip you apart. Its a pity that some of the other episodes didnt hit these emotional notes but overall really good. Hope there is another series but it could take a while as the BBC like Channel 4 have a tendency to do this and by the time the new episodes start you have nearly forgotten the first.

  6. Gooner

    Thanks for all the comments. I have to agree that it was a bit rushed at the end but it’s great to see 3D characters.

    Mel, you are so right, lord knows when we will see any more, if at all

  7. Slayer

    Thought it was a big mistake having Cat cheat on Sam. Cat’s supposed to be likeable – whether we’re on team Frankie or team Sam we’re always supposed to want the best for Cat. Now she’s just some awful bitch who cheated on lovely Sam.

  8. Suzanne

    I loved the whole series, but Cat really got on my nerves at times! She’s too whiny and it was obvious from the start that she was going to get with Frankie at some point. Tess is just really cute and you can’t help wanting the best for her. As for Frankie, one word: HOT.

  9. have just finished watchin the final episode, GUTTED its off the screen now :( I ABSOLOUTLY LOVED this drama,,, need more insighting tv drama’s like this i think! PLEEEEASSSSSEEEE does ANY1 kno if there’ll be another series??? i’m thinkin there wil be as the end left 1 burnin question.. wil cat & frankie EVA get bak 2getha??!!!!! I’D love um to !!!

    Arggh thought tht Tess n her neighbour opposite are REALLY cute 2getha!!!
    How poor tess’s career & love life hav bin, n diggin the neighbour 4 ageees,,, i’m soo glad they finally got it 2getha :)

  10. Gooner

    Thanks for the link click here, I’m glad she is doing well out of it. Hopefully they all will and that will make them all want to have a season 2 :)
    I have read various interviews with the actors saying they’d like to carry the show forward but time will tell. either way it won’t be for a long long time :(

  11. Kizzie

    It’s been off our screens for 3 days and I’m having withdrawal symptoms!!! Please oh please BBC3…..bring on series 2!!

    Fantastic viewing, so well written and the acting was superb. I am 100% TEAM FRANKIE!! Come on guys….everyone has had one true love at some stage, and it never goes away. They belong together….Sam is wayyyy too boring. I mean, putting up shelves on a Saturday??!!! Clearly wants to be the Baby Daddy like!
    Ruta Gedmintas…..she is beauty personified. Absolutely divine! And would’t kick Laura out of the bed for eating crisps either!!!
    Please lets get something going to encourage a second series

  12. Gooner

    Kizzie, I’m sure many petitions will pop up, if anyone finds a decent one please plug it here, I’m sure many of us would want to ad our voice!

    I’m amazed season 2 isn’t already in post-production but there you go, channels are so cautious with gay material they had no idea what they had

    and since when is setting up a home together boring? ;)

  13. valerie

    I should like to thank bbc3 for this great series, especially the love story between Cat and Frankie. I do hope they do at least another series, and more episodes please this time so as to play out the various strings without such a rush. I’m surprised so many people are so impressed with Sam, who casually discussed intimate details of her sex life with Cat with her colleague in the car to while away the time. She seems to think Cat is her wife. I watched at first just to see, then like so many others got caught up in it and looked forward to Tuesdays. The finale ending with that tender, intense and restrained love scene between Cat and Frankie left me impatient for more. Also Frankie finding her long lost family. More please, much much more.

  14. Pumpkin

    Loved this series, it managed to avoid the yawnsome politically correct “issues” that made The L Word such a chore to watch. Despite a shaky start, by episode six I found myself shouting at the tv screen – it’s been a long time since a show drew me in to such a degree. And Laura Fraser? Smoking hot….
    This series is screaming for a second series, hopefully longer than another six week run. Fingers crossed for the right decision from the BBC.

  15. mel

    Come on BBC you are sleeping on a goldmine the LWord made a mint and if not for money do it for fake asspirations. Gay is the way to go. There is a whole team backing them and everyone will watch.

  16. M.Blake

    Some kind soul loaded the episodes onto YouTube which enabled us friends across the pond in the US to watch the series. Fantastic, very hot – much better than L Word. Keep it coming – here’s hoping the powers that be decide on series # 2.

  17. Az

    six episodes was way not enough! I mean what happens, does Cat leave Sam for Frankie? Does Tess and the handy girl work out? would be great to watch another series with a lot more episodes :)

  18. Kizzie

    I loved setting up home with my gf! Don’t get me wrong Gooner, it’s all good!!…but I agree with Valerie above, Sam is way too intense for the 6 episodes it allowed. I’d be keeping my bunny in a securely locked cage with this one!!!! :-)

  19. Diane

    The story line was WICKED!!! When Cat got the engraved wooden plaque from Frankie I went “Aaaah!!” I thought how romantic, Frankie has a heart!! Great Series! Lets hope we do not have to wait too long for the second series!!

  20. Olfs

    Hey…………..when is going to be the next episode of Lip Service???????????? cant believe there isnt tonight…………gutted :((((((((((((((

  21. toris

    Ok..this was a good season, made me think at the L Word, which was well accepted in the US, this one should be too in Europe, my only problem is dealing with the narrow minded ones!!!
    Anyways, THIS MUST GO ON…..!!!

  22. Cheryl

    Tuned in on Tuesday and no Lip Service!!!!! 6 episodes no where near long enough. Pleeeeeease bring out the next series soon absolutely love it!
    BBC sort yourselves out!!!!

  23. I was feeling like that last night, too! As the rolling news brought us the details of how the economy has gone to crap here in Ireland, all I wanted was another does of our Glaswegian gays.


  24. Irene

    Absolutely loved this serie!
    Thanx to some people who posted it on a torrent site, I was able to watch the series from the Netherlands!
    I really hope there will be a second serie, or even more!!

  25. Gooner

    It does seem as though the interest in the show is international. Which tends to be the case with decent LGBTQ stuff as there is so little.
    Surely the BBC have to see this and get going on season 2 asap

  26. cookie n wardster

    not quite the L Word, but very good all the same. Each episode got better. Had no idea we were watching the last episode until tonight when we went to watch another two episodes we thought we’d missed! So shows how episode six didn’t really end with any conclusions/statement about being last in series. I guess we all have to leave nice comments on this blog in the hope that another series will be filmed to see if the not now so perrrfect Cat gets found out. Naughty girl.Hurry up n film the next series will you pls!!

  27. Pam

    I loved this series.
    Great story line, started off low but was very addictive love Euro drama.
    I think we should definatly have a servies 2 and bring it out to Australia.
    We miss everything.
    Love Lip service it’s brillant !!!!!

  28. Valerie

    I’ve just downloaded all the episodes within the last few weeks, to watch. I didn’t get the chance to watch it on BBC as I don’t have the channel here, and iplayer doesn’t like me for longer than 20 mins at a time. (It takes me 2 sittings to watch Eastenders).
    I loved the series, and I’m so happy they’ve ordered a series too. I think Tess is just adorable, Cat was a bit whiny and times, and I was so happy when she finally hooked up with Frankie, so we could stop hearing her complain about her. I like Sam with Cat though, and hope she picks her, although I adore “Crankie” they make drama, and I enjoy that. Jay, I kinda feel bad for the guy, kinda.
    I think the show got better as the episodes went on – being that I’m not used to only 6 episodes with a series – which is what I believe a good series should do.

  29. trowglowdyte


    i really would like to know who is playing the generic of the season 1 of this amazing tv show.

    I’ll be very grateful if you could answer me.

    thanks a thousand time


  30. Max

    Can’t wait until the second series. I really enjoyed this one and it’s refreshing perspective on lesbian life. Although, we have seen programs of this nature before, I felt it was well written and was hooked from episode 1 as I know were many of my friends. Hopefully the second series will not be a let down. The bar has been set high, let’s see if you pass it.

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