1. Can you please publish the contact details of the managing editor or this newspaper?

    I am moved to write and express my disgust and sadness at reading the appalling action of Rolling Stone Newspaper in Uganda, which has resulted in the unnecessary death of a man who just happens to have a different sexual orientation than the majority of Ugandans. The murder of David Kato is unacceptable and to incite hatred of one’s own people is unforgiveable.

    As an African, I am ashamed to hear that an innocent life should be exposed to such cruelty and inhumanity. The newspaper and employed journalist who instigated this murder should be held accountable for this and every Ugandan and African seeking peace, justice and human rights, should stand up against such inhumanity.


  2. lpj

    Muhame is a dangerous bigot. Perhaps he is a repressed homosexual, no matter or not, he needs to be stopped from inciting muder and hatred. Anytime one hears or reads his filthy bigotry, one immediuately has to grap the vomit bag. Wake up uganda authorities.

  3. Hi Ola,

    To be honest, I don’t have them. I’ll see can I get some info off the girl who did the interview, but Rolling Stone is apparently a very small publication in Uganda and doesn’t have a web presence of any description. But I’ll see can I get an address or phone number.


  4. Noel Oxford

    It is obvious the editor is gay, and so self loathing, this is his only way to ‘atone’ for his own perceived sins. Pathetic, Dangerous, and the most basic form of hate crime. What is the web address of this criminal paper? Let me guess, they are too gutless to have one while they go on ‘outing’ potential murder victims. Hypocrites of the most desperate and despicable type.

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