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Tammy Lynn Etheridge unhappy with Melissa’s “new dicks” and new love

Ok. So maybe that’s an unfair way to characterise the battle between Melissa and Tammy Lynn Etheridge, but I just couldn’t get that image out of my head after reading it, so I thought I’d pass the delights on to you.

You may remember that last year, Tammy had a fit that Melissa had left her and their children destitute and poverty stricken. The judge in the case did not agree. Melissa’s lawyer provided proof of expenses paid that amounted to something like $10k a month. You know, THAT kind of poverty. I’m not sure how they’ve survived.

So Tammy disappeared for a while.

And then People magazine published a bit piece about Melissa having a new girlfriend, Linda Wallem. Apparently, they’ve been best friends for years and now there is more to it than that.

Tammy chimed in on her blog pretty quickly to set the record straight.

a couple of seasons
a little time
some bark falling from trees
and some children’s rhymes
i moved out november 23rd 2009
she said it would help
i was convinced it would
too and i trusted there was
no one else
i didn’t know
there was someone moving in
as i was moving out


three weeks later a box of new toys
was delivered and her assistant brought
it to my rental house as a mistake
i opened it
and that’s when i felt something was up

i called her
“i have your new dicks on my kitchen counter?”

Not a month after she’d moved out, Tammy claims, she received a parcel in error that was meant for Melissa. It was apparently a box full of “new dicks”.

Tammy’s blog also says that one of their children told Tammy a long time ago that Melissa and the woman who’d been “best man” at their wedding were more than BFFs.

It’s a messy situation, for sure. Famous-people breakups are always the messiest because of the gigantic egos involved.

In the end, Tammy reveals that she, too, has found love again.

and i met found someone myself. apparently they specialize in inflating roadkill? someone who almost made me believe in the tooth fairy again. which means there’s hope for those of us who got even the most flattened. the tooth fairy, santa claus, and even leprechauns. now- i’m not sure what the next move with this chick is- do i leave her a tooth under my pillow? cookies and milk by a tree? green beer on the doorstep?

i don’t know.

You know, I’m pretty sure this is none of our business. And, as usual, I tend to side with the person causing the least fuss.

But here’s hoping that this is the end of it. Who needs all this drama?

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  • Sounds messy, it’s at times like this I am glad to have been single all these years lol

    Let’s hope everyone involved finds happiness

    Gooner said:
  • When i read this line, for a second i thought that people actually do this, as a job, in the US:

    “apparently they specialize in inflating roadkill”

    Then i read it again and yeh i got it:)

    Shauna said:
  • Tammy is actually the worst blogger ever. I mean, whatever about her life, but that line is revolting!

    CanuckJacq (author) said:
  • HA! Me too, Shauna, and I’m from the US. People do scrape up roadkill for a living, but inflate it? I’m sure someone in America would.

    And honestly, if T’s new gal is reading her blog, she may already have her U-Haul packed. She may be pedal to the metal in the *opposite* direction. I mean really, even I wouldn’t date someone who blogs like that about an ex. Who wants to star on that blog?!

    okitty said:
  • That’s the funniest line I have read in ages…”I have your new dicks on my kitchen counter”!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Where do you go with that?!! Oops sorry about that love, btw we’re over…k bye bye!!!!!!!!

    Kizzie said:
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