1. Gooner

    Sounds messy, it’s at times like this I am glad to have been single all these years lol

    Let’s hope everyone involved finds happiness

  2. Shauna

    When i read this line, for a second i thought that people actually do this, as a job, in the US:

    “apparently they specialize in inflating roadkill”

    Then i read it again and yeh i got it:)

  3. okitty

    HA! Me too, Shauna, and I’m from the US. People do scrape up roadkill for a living, but inflate it? I’m sure someone in America would.

    And honestly, if T’s new gal is reading her blog, she may already have her U-Haul packed. She may be pedal to the metal in the *opposite* direction. I mean really, even I wouldn’t date someone who blogs like that about an ex. Who wants to star on that blog?!

  4. Kizzie

    That’s the funniest line I have read in ages…”I have your new dicks on my kitchen counter”!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Where do you go with that?!! Oops sorry about that love, btw we’re over…k bye bye!!!!!!!!

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