1. unknown

    This programme was filmed in jest. I understand how hard it is to be gay in Uganda. However, I do not understand why all the focus is on Uganda.

    This programme was not filmed with sensitivity and understanding.

    I lived in Africa, and was often told that there were many people that were ‘sent to the islands and never returned’ because they liked men. I do not think this is as funny as this programme proclaims. Having a gay man who has no experience of Africa has no reason, he went there, with ideas of homophobia. What I experienced in Africa is not homophobia, it is more in-depth than that. It has basis in religion, newspapers and lifestyle. I am not saying that it is reasonable, however there are more in-depth reasons than pure homophobia. This programme did nothing to represent those perspectives.

  2. Shauna

    At the risk of being flippant here -I would guess that all the focus recently has been on Uganda is because Uganda sorta asked for it, what with the whole “kill the gays bill” thing.

    Furthermore, putting homophobia in a lifestyle/cultural context does not lessen the fact that it is still homophobia – i think it is better that an outsider went there who could see the problem for what it is, without any bias or previous assumptions/judgements.

    Finally, I think it hilarious that you ask for “sensitivity and understanding” from a western TV program when that is the very thing that Uganda is denying to its gay citizens -with devastating consequences.

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