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  1. Webmaster

    There is just something about a uniform…My fav would be the navy or the guards…female guards just make me weak kneed! And if they are on a bike or a horse or, * fans self * a motorbike, well lordy bless, all the better!

  2. oohh I love a uniform. I prefer a woman in a suit though, I think it’s the crisp shirt and tie that do it for me


  3. weedevil28

    Ok I dont know if this counts but a woman in a suit with a white shirt buttons open ,for example Jennifer Beals in The L Word :)

  4. orange

    Some uniforms are appealing but a lot of them are, well, polyester. I’ve always thought epaulettes were pretty cool. And mostly I find military uniforms unnerving… unless it’s the Danish or Spanish armed forces :)

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