1. Shauna

    Yeh I have seen a few pithy comments today online along the lines of ‘ohhh middle aged man lies online’ but it’s so much more complex than that. To have the arrogance to assume this persona, one so removed from his own, and the naivety to think that it would not get global attention(in this year of social unrest especially) is mind boggling.

  2. [...] The Amina hoax: Damage cannot be undone During the past week, the ‘Amina’ hoax diverted the energies, time and resources of international human rights organisations, journalists, and the US State Department, among others, from the events actually taking place in Syria. And it has placed activists within Syria at greater risk of harm. [...]

  3. [...] action on the LGBTQ front, with lots of lesbians not actually being lesbians at all. There was the despicable hoax of Amina, the shocking Paula Brooks fiasco, and last but not least people, the AWFUL display by Dianna Agron [...]

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