1. [...] When allies forget that bigotry exists I’ve written about this before, about Glee fans who can’t understand why we don’t see Kurt and Blaine making out at the Lima Bean. But it’s about so much more than that, and it’s a problem that is increasingly a source of tension between LGB people and our friends/families/allies. In Modern Family fandom, too, viewers [...] [...]

  2. The sticker you used to illustrate homophobia was never linked to any Muslims or Muslim group. It was almost certainly put up by the EDL (the racist, and generally homophobic, English Defence League) or by their supporters, since they rallied for an anti-Muslim Gay Pride event immediately after they started going up.


    Could you please add something to the caption for the image to this effect? There is certainly homophobia in East London, including in Muslim communities, but these stickers were a horrible attempt to exploit the oppression of one group to further oppress another.

    Cheers. Great article otherwise.

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