1. Eebs

    I really hope that young lady who posted the rant against letting trans* girls into GS, gets some perspective in her life and regrets her stance. I saw the video and it definitely looks like she’s reading the lines and doesn’t believe it. I don’t like the idea of using teens/kids to try force a political issue. It’s not appropriate.

  2. howeecarr

    Um, where did you cite ANY evidence, facts, etc… that it is the “Christian right” who initiated this boycott? Facts, instead of incendiary accusation, would be helpful.

    Prejudical, judgmental bigots also exist among some in our community, alas. The author of the piece, for iinstance, letting his/her knee-jerk anti “Christian right” bigotry substitute for any substantive reporting of facts.

  3. I’m a T-female and Christian. The girl in the video is wearing a cross however I’ve been wondering which Christian stance (aside from T-exclusion) she represents. I don’t get too much into what’s left or right however and would welcome a short primer into this Left/right thing. I know that they represent extremes but what extremes? I pretty much practice a solitary faith focused on study but it is very important to know as much about the “opposition” as possible. Not for incendiary reasons but to know who needs to gain valid understanding about the real world of a T-gender existence. Its painful to see this apparent “conspiracy” (video)with T-children as targets since we are those children now all grown up. Clearly this video’s fundamental flaw is that it in essence pre-convicts T-females as being predatory. Despicable and wholly un-American to “pre-convict.”

  4. Gooner

    Many thanks for your comment. In answer to some of what you said, when I mention Christian Right wing groups, examples would include:

    The Family Research Council’s Cathy Ruse who says that the Girl Souts are now pushing promiscuous sex on the girls

    Also, WorldNetDaily, have accused the group of promting lesbianism.

    Three Girl Scout troops at a Christian school in Louisiana have disbanded in protest to Bobby being entered into the troop which I believe also shows their stance on the issue

  5. TammieH

    Its a shame that fear and ignorance are still huge influences on human behavior. If people could just stop for second and think before they say or act upon their fears, maybe they could open their minds to possibilities. For instance, coming close to a transgender, gay or lesbian person will not cause you to become one or the other. We exist, is knowing one of us detrimental in anyway? I for one am not here to challenge anyone’s sexuality or religious beliefs, I love all people regardless of who they are or what they think of me.

    Bobby, an innocent precious 7 year old child is being treated like something dirty, shame on anyone who would treat a child like this.

  6. Well said, Tammie, hear hear.

    On the issue of the Christian right initiating this boycott, let’s take a look at where a couple of minutes of Googling takes us:

    honestgirlscouts.com posted the teenager’s anti-trans video.

    The domain honestgirlscouts.com is registered with Domains By Proxy, thereby concealing information on who is behind the site. Why would they do that, I wonder?

    Still, a prominent “member” of the site is Jane Petry, aka Jane E. Petry, aka Jane Smith Petry.

    So, let’s dish Petry:

    Here’s Jane E. Petry as a member of LifeSiteNews. You know LifeSiteNews, right? The organisation which pushes supposed “traditional Judeo-Christian principles but is also respectful of all authentic religions and cultures that esteem life, family and universal norms of morality”. Yeah, that lot.

    Here’s Jane E. Petry commenting on a blog post entitled Good-bye, Girl Scouts, which appears in worldmag.com the tagline of which is “Today’s News, Christian Views”:

    “I am a [lifetime member of the Girl Scouts] so that I can expose the evil and I will continue this. I have my Gold Award formerly known as First Class and I have my Marian Award and I have several council awards and as a member of the Catholic Comm. in St.L. I was awarded my St. Ann Award When we see evil and ignore it it is evil. To make a stand against abortion is to make enemies. Catholics cannot ignore this evil and must pray for courage. The rosary is our most powerful tool against evil please join in this battle our girls deserve our strength.”

    So there’s that.

    Here she is commenting on the Catholic News Agency, no less:

    “Gods [sic] plan is working as it should. [...] Our bishops cannot serve us well when the information they are getting is in error. [...] Faithful Catholics need to be able to trust their oversight and with a member of the Girl Scouts on their board it is the fox in the hen house.”

    So there’s that.

    And here she is commenting on the blog entitled A blog of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas:

    “Like your father as a child the rosary was a hurried prayers for the sake of completion. Through the years with insight it has become a comfort that I look forward to. Every Friday evening families throughout the U.S. come together in a conferrence call (free) and pray for discernment for the NFCYM and the Girl Scouts, We consider thia [sic] our strongest weapon against evil.”

    Further, the American Family Association – a conservative Christian organisation – is referenced and linked with approval on honestgirlscouts.com.

    So there’s that.

    Finally, there’s the Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again Facebook page which Jane E. Petry promotes every time honestgirlscouts.com gets a plug, and which is mentioned prominently on the honestgirlscouts.com site.

    That FB page has stated in response to the question, “i’m confused, is this a pro Christian values facebook page or not?”: “yes we are a pro-life conservative Christian group“.

    So there’s that.

    All clear?

  7. Thanks for the research! Authenticity is authenticity. Without it any hope of gaining trust for the purpose of planting seeds, in this case seeds for faith is lost. Hiding behind proxies accomplishes exactly that. If there exists a sincere objective intent coupled with honest love toward others to redeem and change lives practically, disseminating the message in a dishonest manner by hiding behind proxies is about the least effective way possible.

    If the video seeking a boycott to keep “boys” out of girl’s cots had in fact been honest, it would have at minimum been factual about the medical validation of transgender conflicts now corroborated by research going back at least 60 years. The (Christ)ian thesis of redemption has been propagated over the last 2K years by someone who claimed to be both human and divine but above all exhumed honesty and required no less. It invites those “heavy laden” to fellowship but rather than pre-convict, as is occurring here against we who are t-gender, it un-convicts. This is highly embarrassing to faithful LGBT persons as myself.

    When I began my transition, I made a promise to begin a ministry in return for “fixing me.” I began http://wp.me/p1RfmU-H after seeing how my faith has been hijacked, not by those who profess love, but deception that registers no less as loud as hate. Honestgirlscouts is anything but. It is an amateurish and failed attempt to spread fearmongering based on knee-jerk ignorance of what it is to be transgender by essentially spreading the word that we are a threat on two feet. Believe me when I say this is NOT a “what would Jesus do” fine moment of leading by example.

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