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My Valentine’s Date: Melissa Etheridge


Also, my loving wife. *ahem*

Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of spending Valentine’s Day with the angsty rocker from Kansas? Imagine it! Just you, Melissa Etheridge and 1,300 of Ireland’s most enthusiastic lesbians Melissa Etheridge fans.

I’ve seen her in concert in London and in Toronto, and both times she has proved herself to be an energetic performer, powerful musician and engaging storyteller.

You may not remember, but she’s been here before. She played The Olympia twice in 1996 and Wikipedia says she was the first performer to ever play The Point, as the supporting act for Huey Lewis and the News in 1988. There’s no source listed, but Pete Reed from Phantom FM says he was there.

That makes this a long overdue visit! (First gap was 8 years, next was 16. It’s not fair if she waits 32 years this time, even if it makes nerdy sense.)

There are still tickets available on the Ticketmaster website and they’re reasonable enough: €100 will get you two.

Doors open at 7pm, the gig starts at 8:45.

A taster: