1. Mel

    Email sent. That ad is just terrible beyond words and so insulting to so many it just reiterates prejudice and discrimination. This is 2012 and Paddy Power need to wake up and realise that.

  2. SuziQ

    I mailed this to TV3 in complaint.
    I write to complain about the continued screening of the above mentioned advert.
    I am deeply offended and threatened by it. In many ways it appears to transgress the limits set as acceptable for broadcast. It is not balanced in gender presentation, and deceives by appearing to use composit body parts to ‘fake’ an image of a woman with a very hairy forearm. However I am not in a position to prove or otherwise confirm this but perhaps the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland can investigate this. This advert, in my honest view, promotes transphobia and is deeply misogynistic.
    However my main issue with the advert is the crude explicit sexual imagery present.
    I am surprised that you broadcast it just prior to the Manchester United game during the week when you know that a large proportion of the viewers would be children, children as defined by the BAI definition. I am surprised the you continue to broadcast an advert with such a subliminal yet obvious sexual content. It is yet one more proof that this advert goes well beyond any definition of a ‘bit of harmless fun’ as claimed by the Paddy Power organisation.
    At approximately 11 seconds into the advert at the time the odious incitement to ‘Spot the stallions from the mares ‘ is made the text on the screen comprising the words Stallion and Mare is animated to enact a crude but obvious sexual coupling of a stallion covering a mare. Do you support the continued broadcast of this offensive imagery coinciding as it does to the image in the background of a gentleman waving a long sausage. To this viewer the complete scene makes tacit links conflating transexual female to being a stallion (male). Can you explain what is the relevance of little vingnette to the product that Paddy Power want to market or sell? How is this harmless fun?

    I think that you have been fooled by the Paddy Power organisation into broadcasting gratuitous sexual imagery and that you should cease to broadcast it.
    You should apologise to all those who have been exposed to it and should accept on this occasion your inability to recognise that the imagery presented is highly inappropriate to the context of the advert and to the demographics of the audience exposed to it.

  3. Thanks for sharing, SuziQ – It’s good to have an idea of who’s sending what to the TV stations and ASAI.

    In further bad news, Setanta Sports has also broadcast the ad, this time on Saturday afternoon before kick-off of another big football game (think it was the Chelsea fixture, but I’ll need to double check that).

  4. Chris

    That netflix radio advert is still airing. Where can I go to complain about it? I’ve tried the netflix website, but apparently have to be signed up to even view the contact page? Does Ireland have an equivalent of OfCom? Frankly raging about this :(

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