1. I’ve been thinking of downloading some audio bukes myself.

    Usually I watch stuff on my iPhone (have caught up with Boardwalk Empire, all of Criminal Minds and Dexter) while on the bike, but the screen is a bit too small.

    See how desperate I am for excuses not to go to the gym

    “but the screen on my iPhone is too small!”

  2. I’m in serious need of a trip to the gym with the Flora Mini Marathon fast approaching. I never thought of using audiobooks instead of music. The music isn’t distracting enough.

    I think the app is a great idea so I may just follow in your steps. I think you’ve started of a new little trend. Could a fitness book club be in the works? Possibly!

  3. Bear

    Oh god, I’m no example to follow!

    But yeah, any bit of distraction from the slowly moving numbers on the dial is welcome to me. Not sure that watching video would work for me, I doubt I’d have the skills to watch and not fall off!

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