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Álainn or Appallin’: Regina Mills

I know your probably thinking “who?”, but stay with me. I wrote this piece about my new obsession, Once upon a Time, but I feel I didn’t get across just how hot the main character is. Or I just want an excuse to google pics of her. SPOILERS!!!!

Who is Regina Mills?

My wife. Oops, hello real-life wife, ahem. Regina Mills is an evil, conniving piece of work. She is the evil queen of the fairytale world, but living in our modern world, or the American small town version of our world.

See, back in fairytale land she is all down with the vengeance for losing the love of her life. She blames Snow White for his death, and gets all twisted as she has to watch as Snow White marry her own one true love. Not fair!

She does what anyone with magical fingertips would do, she conjures a spell to give her a chance to have her happy ending, all the while making Snow White miserable.

The spell brings everyone to Storybrooke, small town America, totally ignorant of the fact that they are Jiminy Cricket, Red Riding Hood, Granny, Snow White and so on. Only Regina Mills, now mayor of Storybrooke knows, and she rules everyone’s everyday life.

Why A or A?

I’m not used to drooling over evil characters. I’d like to say that I’m having mixed feelings, but I’m way too shallow and she’s way too hot. She has this way of smouldering; case in point

From the magnificent heartsways.tumblr.com

Just look into those eyes…no don’t you could die! Oh but do! See? She has this “Hello I’m a malevolent being, and you shall enjoy all I make you do” thing going on.

The actress who plays Regina, Lana Parrilla is fab in the role. Doing everything but twirling her metaphorical mustache. She revels in the complexities of Regina’s character just as Regina revels in her own darkness.

Lest you think she is all bad without a chink in her armour, let me reassure you that Regina was once an innocent young thing with a heart full of love, but this lady was scorned, scorned into the evil mayor she is; or seems to be. You see Regina loves someone; her son Henry. If there is any hope of true love making her into a better, more loving woman, it is her love for Henry. Until then, she will remain the baddest babe on television.

Am I right?

Regina Mills

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  • Alainn all the way – as my housemate keeps saying “is it wrong to want someone so evil?”, the answer is NO!

    I do love me a wicked witch!

    Gooner said:
  • Don’t even get me started on the Disney version of the wicked queen!

    emma said:
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