1. Dolanchap

    I do I do I do!!

    Signs: -Owns several plaid shirts, or one plaid shirt that she wears everywhere. Lesbians universally adore plaid because it reminds them of living in log cabins, whittling furniture and Being Comfortable.

    – Lesbians dance by throwing their arms into the air and yelling song lyrics into their friends faces. Alternatively, they dance like Ellen.

    – Lesbians say things like ‘What are you doing tomorrow? Wanna go to IKEA?’, because they are addicted to assembling flatpacked Swedish furniture [See Plaid Shirts]

    – All lesbians have an opinion about Ellen Page.

    Cures: -Johnny Depp, or failing that, cartoons with a Johnny Depp voiceover. In an emergency situation, a gif of Captain Jack Sparrow mincing will probably do the job.

    – Take her to Coppers. No woman has ever entered Coppers and left without shifting a Garda, she’ll be converted instantly!

    – Tell her she is only allowed to be gay if she is ‘Rosie O’ Donnell gay’. Should clear it right up.

  2. jess

    hi my name is Jess
    i am a average 14 year old girl that is confused weather i am bi or gay
    so i type in “signs of being lesbian”


    yea that helped me loads saying i can get cured because otherwise i will burn in hell yea good one

    judgmental shits

    oh sorry i swore can i get cured for that as well?!

  3. Pixel

    Ah ahhahaha This is a joke right? Did you see the horrible one on Christwire? That was awful! Lol It even got racist.

  4. dragondingohybrid

    Owns and is very protective of cats? Seeks out and devours a can of opened tuna? Is strong enough to open pickle jars? Holy Sh*t, Batman! Catwoman’s a lesbian!
    …Huraay! ;-D
    Which catwoman actress would you prefer to bat for our team?

  5. Wolf tom

    I cannot believe the amount of stereotypical lesbians on this all of this is soooo not true I have a friend who’s a lesbian and she is nothing like this in fact if she didn’t tell you she was a lesbian you wouldn’t even know you would think she was straight! Some lesbian girls are exactly like straight girls and act and dress totally normal

  6. Smoothie

    You can’t cure a lesbian from being lesbian. LOL. Learn to accept them, you fucking racists.

  7. Hi Jess, Wolf tom and Smoothie, just wanted to draw your attention to the note at the bottom of this post “Important note! This is a satirical piece constructed to show how stupid people are capable of being.”, this is a piece of satire of the genuine pieces like this. We’re not trying to homophobic or racist (?). This is a blog for LBT women.

  8. michele

    To the ninny who accused this of being racist….since when is gay a race? I’m bisexual. My race is caucasian. And honestly, this article is so obviously a joke that you have to be searching for a fight to actually be offended. The entire purpose of this was to shed light on how dumb some people are to the lifestyle of others.

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