1. Kris

    Penelope Cruz…Angelina Jolie…Katy Perry…Katie Taylor….Jennifer (forget her name and too lazy to Google -Hunger Games actress?)….Rihanna….Nicole Sherzinger….did i say PENELOPE CRUZ (In Vanilla Sky and Vicky Cristina Barcelona…NOM)?? Aah Jennifer Lawrence re Hunger Games Actress i think…

  2. Gooner

    I don’t think Susan Boyle being gay should cause anyone to shudder, I could understand if she was obnoxious but she seems like a really nice lady

    As for who I’d want on our team, well maybe one of my colleagues who shall remain nameless ;)

  3. I have no beef with SuBo, I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, crazy, but lovely.

    Kris do you want every hot & happenin’ A-lister on our team,hmmm? Maybe we should write letters? Convince them with cookies and boobs?

    Can anyone weigh in on Dame Ellen MacArthur for Ernie?

  4. Hah! I love that Kris just basically fell onto her keyboard and word-vomited a load of hot women’s names. Keep it up, lady!

    : D

    I agree with the defense of SuBo – Be nice! Also, butch stereotypes? Arse to that! Gorgeous Team Lezbot can include butches. Mmm..

    (Let me get back to you.. I’m having a moment..)

  5. Sure just recruit whoever’s tops in H-Wood at the mo :) but not a bad list of women at all Kris!

    Alright, I appologise for making SuBo the go-to example for who we don’t want on Team Lezbot. I hope she’ll still have me over for scotch eggs.

  6. Kris

    Lol apologies I just started daydreaming about all of the celebs who are on my ehem…’to do list’ haha…if i had to pick one though id say…emm…no i cant!! :) haha the comments made me lol

  7. Kris

    Lol @ scissoring reference…my gay guy mates OBSESSED with this word…i didnt even know what it meant exactly haha until someone told me :D terrible lesbian i know…and a whole other direction of conversation…lmao ah SUBO she is a bit off the wall never know what she will say next in an interview but yeah…shes a ledge :)

  8. Kris

    Jen have you got those letters/cookies ready for our recruitment of my hot celebs drive yet? Lol im serious bout this gay team schtuff :D just saw that bit of yer comment now lol oh and i second Kirsten Stewart too :)

  9. Nora

    Oh god my kids are forever making the spock sign… help me unthink the image…wait like the image just don’t want to think it around the kids!!!! Am banning star trek…that noise you think you hear is my kids wailing..thanks jen lollies

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