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Once upon a time there was a little blogger who loved good TV.  She had many shows she loved, Pretty Little Liars, Lost Girl, Grey’s Anatomy to name but a few.  Shows with real lesbians and bi girls living it large, so many that she thought she had outgrown shipping.  Oh, how wrong she was!  It’s never too late to go back and remember how great it is to fill in the blanks.

Xena was where it all began for me but Once Upon a Time is the queen of the fleet, so lets take a look at some of our couples shall we:



Image from tumblr


Regina Mills, let me count the ways!  The mayor of Storybrook who also happens to be the evil queen is everyone’s favourite bad girl and shipping her with Sheriff Emma Swan is just too easy.  Regina adopted Emma’s son so they could be an instant family and when they go head to head on the show our knees go weak, fanfiction writers get inspired and the actors clearly have a field day.  Thank you ladies, you have ignited my imagination and are my favourites without a doubt.




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It sounds crazy, Little Red Riding-Hood and Snow White, what am I on?  However, in the wonderful world of Once Upon a Time it all makes sense.  Last week (Season 2 Episode 7) they were running off together to live in a nice little cabin in the woods and while Snow risked her life to make sure Red was safe, Red was choosing Snow over her family.  Good lord, it writes itself.




Image from tumblr

If you don’t like Snow for Red then why not match her Storybrook counterpart Ruby with Belle (Beauty from Beauty and  the Beast)?  After all, on this show Red is a wolf so it makes total sense.  I know, it’s so easy!  Ruby and Belle were talking about girls night the other day (cough) and all this so Belle could save Ruby from a date she didn’t want to go on.  You writers are spoiling us.





Image from rinleonhart.tumblr.com

Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan are adorable, they may have met by falling in love with the same man but that was one episode, bye bye Philip, hello lady lovin’.  At first Aurora annoyed me and I thought Mulan was far too kickass for her but she is growing on me and the shipping potential between these two is almost embarrassing, it’s not so much subtext and full on flirting at this point.


Once Upon a Time’s tag line for season 2 is “magic is coming”, they weren’t wrong.  These ladies have brought the magic alright, keep it coming girls!

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