1. Nora

    Nora meant to ask is a referendum not legally necessary due to the change in the constitution needed? Am not well versed in this area but think? It has to be done? But I see your point that a human right should not be voted on… I myself relish the idea of going out and campaigning for a yes vote.. and open a few minds in the process

  2. Aoife RC

    Hi Nora,

    No, many would argue that the change in the constitution isn’t actually needed, due to the fact that marriage is not explicitly stated as being between a man and a woman, however, the courts continue to (incorrectly) rule same-sex marriage unconstitutional, because they interpret marriage as being between a man and a woman. So actually, it’s entirely within the parameters of the constitution to allow for it!

  3. Nora

    Wow… that changes my view a lot…but I presume if the constitution is changed then the judges could no longer interpret it that way any longer…so perhaps it may be a necessary evil in this instance

  4. Aoife RC

    Because of the political and social climate in Ireland, you may be right! The likelihood that the government will defy the political climate and do something that might be considered highly unpopular and cost them seats, is slim to none, despite the fact that it’s the right thing to do. So voting on it might be the right way to go to achieve what we want and deserve, a necessary evil. But the yes campaign would need a serious effort put into it – we can’t risk a no vote. A referendum isn’t something we can just keep doing, when we do it, it has to be done right and it’s a scary prospect.

  5. nora

    Well I plan to campaign even despite my being in the closet( I shall climb out just for this )
    . This is an issue that many people just don’t register as important… so when you rally the troops Aoife, count me in…

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