1. Karen T.

    As one of my older brothers says: “Whatever floats your boat”. I don’t like people judging me for my sexuality, I’m in no position to be passing judgement on anybody else. The lesbian “community” doesn’t really exist, it’s just a lot of little groups squeezed together. You are who you are, nobody else gets a say.

    All the best to you, hon!

  2. Nora

    It really is so soul destroying the way people feel the need to conform to our communities ideals.. So good on you living your life the way you want… Be out be proud, be bi be happy.. Whatever makes you feel true to yourself.. .

  3. Robyn Harper

    Yes, of course it’s okay!

    You’re right, it makes little sense to expect the likes of acceptance and tolerance and then not show it to others. Any form of intolerance and judgement is detrimental to progress and detrimental to equality as a whole. It represents a misunderstanding, it represents the need for education.

    Congratulations on your crowns! Well done for what you did, and for increasing the visibility of bisexuality.

  4. Emer

    Well said. So sorry to hear about the Facebook horribleness – sounds awful. Fair play for staying vocally true to yourself in spite of it!

  5. So well put. I made the same decision a while back and am trying to make a point of calling myself bi since I feel we need more people being open about it to try to combat the biphobia one gets both in the LGBT world and in the straight world. Nearly five years into my relationship with my girlfriend, I hope I’ll never need to be in a relationship with anyone else (male or female) but I’m still sticking to calling myself bi!

    Thanks for writing this!

  6. Kris

    Hey, good points made in the article. I’ve nothing against anyone being bisexual, but I was a little confused about the whole Miss Gay Ireland competition when me and my friend heard a bisexual girl was in it representing, because of the name of the competition. Hope that doesn’t sound terrible, dont mean it in a mean way or anything, just being honest as that was our first reaction to it – a little bit of confusion. In general though, I dont like the crap people who are Bi have to put up with in the LGBT community and beyond, we were just a bit confused about the whole entry criteria to the competition, was it for girls who identified as Gay and Bisexual then? And is it the same for the Gay Ireland men’s competition? Fair play on taking part, I wouldnt have the bottle to do it myself! And as I said, good article. Just giving an honest comment :)

  7. Alexis

    Well said. :)
    And you’re absolutely, 100% right. I too am an out bisexual woman and I find it difficult sometimes as well, for all the reasons you talked about in this article.
    Also, sorry to hear that some particularly ignorant people felt the need to start a Facebook page just to bash you. I had a similar experience with a few YouTube videos that were uploaded so I know how you feel. :/
    Hope things get easier for you soon friend, keep smiling. :)

  8. The rules for Ms Gay Ireland state that it is open to anyone who a. identifies as a woman and b. identifies as gay or bisexual. But yeah. I get that question a lot.

  9. gillmac

    Fair play to ya. For a group who’re so often faced with limiting stereotypes we can be very cruel to people within our community. I identify as queer and I’m dating a lovely boy but I’m almost more scared to tell some people because I’ve only dated girls for a few years now. I’ve done the whole coming out lark and I don’t fancy explaining myself all over again.

    I just am and he accepts me so that’s what I’m focusing on :)

  10. Michalla

    Sheesh!!! Thats why I dont really belong to any “bi communities” I guess it proves me right about being free to be who you are and not having to “be gay enough” or stuff like that

  11. Michalla

    I meant any communities!!! & im a proud bi girl (not a woman, just a girl) who is comepletely open with who I am. So amen to that

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