1. Amanda Chron

    Hi H!

    What is your favourite thing to do besides the obvious music, acting, and being with Ellie and Bungle? Or what is something you really want to do? Besides skydive. :)

  2. Amanda Chron

    If it is made legal in the UK to marry, will you and Ellie do so? And who would you want to play at your wedding? :)

  3. Claudia Restrepo

    recently I started to look at the series lip service and I wanted to congratulate you for your extraordinary beauty and talent.
    From Miami, USA

  4. nora

    heather, when will u come to germany? you are not that famous here :-O! you have to think about changing it. germans are popular for realising good music and they are really nice and funny people ;-).

  5. Louise Lawlor

    Hi, first of all. I am curious do actresses have an input on their characters look…ie.clothes, make-up, general demeanor or is that taken out of your hands and left solely in the hands of Director, Wardrobe and Make-up??? Thanks a lot! As I pose this question I am mainly thinking of the character of Sam but curious of the process as a whole. Many thanks….Louise…xxx.

  6. Gis

    What do you take inspiration from when writing a song, and in what way do you feel you have involved with your song writing ?

  7. Agy Jayne

    Hi H, I was wondering how has fan base changed through the years? And how do you find having to play in bigger venues on each tour? Love your music, your acting, as you all say that is all. I really hope your music/acting career lasts forever lol :o). Agy.

  8. hey how come your using my photo of Heather that i took at Manchester Pride 2011 and you haven’t credited me for it … Don’t get me wrong happy for you to use it.. if a mention to my photography page. thanks

  9. Cloda K

    My partner and I have been together 11 years and I have a son in his mid-teens. I am curious to know what your view is on Irish civil partnership rights but in particular the lack of guardianship rights for the non-biological parent. Do you think this is something which should be changed to afford the ‘other’ parent a say?

  10. Mirentxu

    I want to ask Heather what is she going to do in Valentines day. And if she would like to extend her singer career to latinoamerica.

  11. toni

    Was just wondering if you had ever thought of doing a gig in northern Ireland. Would love to get the chance to see you live

  12. saskia

    i was wondering if you ever thought about coming to the Netherlands? we love you and your amazing songs. and we would love to get the chance to see you live.

  13. Tofie


    Now you can marry with your patner, when are you marry with her ?
    When do you come in France for a concert ? You have many fans in France …

    See you in London in March, have a good day.

  14. Rachel

    Hi, Fairytales was essentially about past relationships and the fallout and fallback with love, but I wondered if you had ever written a song about someone you’ve worked with?

  15. Nicola, sincere apologies for not crediting your pic. That’s not like us at all!

    I’ve fixed it now.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  16. DORY

    Hi Heather,
    Thanck you so much for the lovely concert of Cheltenham. I came from Paris just for to see you! I hope to see you again in France. We like you very much and we enjoy a lot your music and your actress talent.
    I would like to know how do you feel just before to start a concert? do you have any superstition before to sing or to act? does your girlfriend come with you when you travel for work?
    Lots of love

  17. LoekSja

    Hi Heather, when will we see and hear you live in The Netherlands. We love your songs and we want more than only watching your performance at You Tube.

  18. Cristina Barbosa

    Hi, I find you very beautiful!
    You think very hard to make a character completely feminine in a show or movie?
    I’m from Brazil, sorry that I can not watch a show and buy their DVD’s.
    Hear your songs on Youtube.
    Love You!!

  19. NEKANE

    Hello, I would like to know if you are planning to extend your tour next year in more places in Europe, for example, Spain? and if you like to expand your audience? There are people who follows you, me for example, I am married to a man and follow you as a musician and as an actress.I’d like see you playing live.

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