1. Niamh

    Well, if you’re looking for comics for women, Marvel is the wrong place to look!! Check out Alison Bechdel, Roberta Gregory, Lynda Barry… Feminist comic book artists/authors who work against the sexualisation and infantilisation of women in comics. As far as I can see, Marvel is jumping on the fifty shades of grey bandwagon. But on the topic of ‘women seeking men’ line in magazines in general, just pick any number of glossy magazines off the shelf and you’ll find it full of the rubbish! But let’s not stop there…there’s shows like Gossip Girl (and many others that I can’t think of the name because I genuinely don’t watch such patriarchal nonsense) which not only use the word ‘girl’ as opposed to woman (but never referring to men as ‘boys’) but which basis the whole TV series on the premise that what all women really want is a man to fulfil them for life.
    The issue, in my opinion, is not enough women at the top levels in the media as a whole, something which I myself had personally set out to rectify by attempting to get to that place in my career.
    I suppose the fact that anyone with any sort of feminist leanings has to turn to (fantastic!) online sources such as this website tells us that a lot needs to change before women will be represented fairly in the media, on all platforms, written or visual.
    Rant over :-)

  2. Ciardubh

    I second the recommendation of Alison Bechdel.

    In terms of the Marvel issue. It sounds like a dreadful idea. Marvel have had “off-screen” narratives in their comics for years without needing to make them entirely separate works. We know Batwoman was kicked out of the army for before the repeal of DADT without needing a separate print in softer illustration to explain it to us. There have been plenty of romances over the years and characters dealing the love, loss, family, coming out, betrayal etc etc. Completely unnecessary and utterly patronising to female readers. There probably are reasons that the female readership isn’t huge but I don’t think chick-flicking superheroes is going to improve their fanbase, sounds like an even smaller niche to me.

    That said, I love the green lipstick idea. If it were on a comic I didn’t feel so obliged to despise, I’d be it.

  3. Mazi

    OMG!!! I haven’t got to that issue yet that the Batwoman photo comes from… SPOILER ALERT or what!!!

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