1. Here here Kris! I avoid town like the plague on Paddys Day and I leave pretty early on Pride too. I don’t drink and I have my reasons but I’m perfectly capable of having a brilliant time without it. What spoils my fun and nights out are people who get excessively drunk. Most nights I’m done by 11.30 or midnight purely because it’s not a laugh anymore, it’s deteriorated into stupidity and makes me really uncomfortable.

    I know I’m called a dry shite but I don’t care, the people who really care stick with me and don’t mind that I don’t drink. The rest were never really friends in the first place.

    Also, this seems like a great initiative: http://hellosundaymorning.org/

  2. Ellen

    The issue is actually that I’m not sure it is strictly cultural. I think the drinking thing is almost genetic by this point for the Irish. And I say this as an Irish-American. I still want a glass of wine or Guinness, Bailey’s sometimes but my brain cells thank me every day for giving up the habit. And my body won’t look old ages from now, either.

  3. I think you’ve a point. It seems unfortunate that we cannot celebrate anything in Ireland without huge amounts of alcohol. Many of my friends gave up alcohol years ago and are happy without it. Lots of people don’t drink, there is a problem with a hardcore element of problem drinkers who want to cover their own tracks by burying themselves in a duvet of surrounding “normality.”

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