1. Orla

    I have a gay uncle and cousin and a lesbian aunt I can’t say I’d be running off to the movies with any of them but it did make my life growing up and realizing I was gay so much easier as it was the ‘norm’ in our family to have gay and lesbian family members. I guess that’s why I have such a problem with people who don’t except people for who they are, as this way has always been so normal for me.

  2. A

    Two of my three step-sister are also lesbians, meaning all four of my parents have one lesbian daughter and one lesbian step-daughter. It balances out well. It meant the world during my coming out. My younger sister has been out since we met, and my older sister came out to me around the time I was starting to get annoyed with being in the closet. I consider them both to be some of my closest friends.

    I do have a counterpoint to having a not too supportive family. It is safe to say my dad and step-mom were less than open-minded. My sister came out to them over a year before I did, so they had time to get the accidental hurtful ignorance* out of there systems. By the time I got around to telling them they were completely okay with it and supportive.

    *Diplomatic phrasing. They grew from the experience, I can at least be polite :)

  3. That sounds great. There seems to be so many of us. I realise of course that lots of siblings are mixed gender too. Its definitely nice to have somebody you really trust to talk to sometimes.

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