1. Brian

    Good on ya Orla! It’s about time there was a ‘hint of pink’ in Europe’s largest singles event. Will be watchin’ this space with interest. ;-)

  2. Sue

    Really looking forward to the next instalment of this! It will be great to have an embedded journo reporting on this new event!!

  3. Carol

    Well done Orla! Seeing you are as entertaining on paper as you are in person, it will be great reporting!

  4. Tania

    Great article & how fabulous to be the product of this ‘matchmaking’.. Talk about ‘first hand reporting’! Personally I think it’s a great idea… I look forward to hearing your opinion as it all develops.

  5. Kathy

    Sounds seductive Orla Mary

    Great piece. I look forward to hearing more.

    Will there be golf buggys to bring people around ?

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