1. nora

    I ran into the bedroom, waving a stick I’d just peed on in her face. You never think of urine as having a place in your more precious memories, but there it is.
    So funny! But true!!! Best of luck with your pregnancy and beyond.

  2. dragondingohybrid

    Jaysus, everybody’s having babby’s! Congrats to you, and to Mrs Bambi, who also shared her similar good news.

  3. Mrs Bambi

    sorry for the (author) thing there, autofill from a previous comment, congrats again!

  4. dubmar

    Many congratulations that is fantastic news! My partner and I are beginning the process of searching for a fertility clinic in Dublin to undergo IUI. I rang the HARI clinic in the Rotunda today but was told they “dont do lesbian couples”. Surprised and a little deflated to be honest, just wondering if anyone out there can recommend somewhere?

  5. TheMammy

    Hi dubmar! I know that feeling. Ten years ago when we wanted to start trying, there wasn’t anyone on this island willing to look our way.

    I know Clane and Sims are open to lesbian couples as I know people who have gone to both.

    Good luck!

  6. dubmar

    Thanks so much for that info TheMammy. Much appreciated. You definitely need to develop thick skin to negotiate your way around the many obstacles but we’re very excited. Will check those places out… the southsiders have all the facilities; the luas, dundrum shopping centre and the only fertility services for lesbians! must dust off the passport and venture over the liffey!

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