1. nora

    Absolutely delighted to hear your good news. Obviously I dont know you both but I do know the struggle that fertility treatment can be. I hope you have an easy pregnancy and an easier labour!
    I have kids myself and so I know the raft of joys you are about to experience. Good luck.

  2. Mrs Bambi (author)

    Thanks for the good wishes. It’s immense. We saw heartbeat on Wednesday so it’s a lot to get the head around. Unbelievable stuff. We’re delighted. :)

  3. Kris

    Ah bet that was exciting to see! :) Makes me feel positive about being able to have a family myself one day!

  4. shoegirl

    Delighted for you girls. When is the party?
    You’ll be surprised at how much acceptance there is in rural Ireland. More than you might expect. In fact my ex-partner and myself were almost disappointed in one small town we’d moved to that we WEREN’T the “only gays in the village.”

    I met one lady in East Cork a few years back who’d parented with her ex partner in that region nearly 20 years ago – while I was wasn’t surprised to hear anybody parenting, I was surprised to hear it had long since been practiced. You’ll be fine, don’t worry too much, and take things as they come.

    Anyway, great news, best of luck to you both, and looking forward to hearing the updates as they come.
    xxx SG

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