1. Aoife H

    I agree that what she has done is not our business, and it has been made such a big deal that i am positively sure she wasn’t the only one at the concert who was out giving oral sex!
    I think though the result of this is we need to question our morals! What we will teach our kids.
    Lets be honest that is shameful what they both have done though, and this has nothing to do with sexism. We can’t blame the Church either.
    No one is going to teach their kids that ‘Oh its okay to go have sex with random men, don’t listen to sexist religions that want you to be a virgin till marrige’ etc.
    We wouldn’t teach our kids that its ok to get around so theres no point saying that everyone those it. Theres things to do in public and private..
    I feel bad for this girl and esp her family they must feel so shamed. I just feel the pics should have not been so exposed. But now at least her parents know what she was getting up to..
    But anyway lets not judge a person on their sins as they may have repented over night.

  2. Ann


    I feel your frustration and can understand it.

    I think the majority of decent people just feel sorry for this girl and and what she is going through.

    The political, social, educational and religious ideas and attitudes you mention are deep, they touch on and inform the attitudes to female sexuality . They are historic and atavistic. They take from us our ownership of our sexuality and thereby allow for the public mauling of this young girl.


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