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Season 4 of Showcase’s wonderful series, Lost Girl, will begin in Canada on November 10th and it has so many questions to answer.  Last season’s finale ended with our crew of characters scattered to the winds.  Bo herself seems to have disappeared to wherever her Dad has taken her.





Dyson and Tamsin drove off a cliff – literally!  Kenzi is off searching for the Druid so she can become Fae.  Hale rescued Trick so he could head off to Scotland with Stella. Vex takes the Morrigan for Hale. Have I left anyone out?  Only messing, how could I forget the lovely Dr Lauren herself.  Well she saved the day and made sure Dyson could kill the bad guy before heading off we don’t know where.  So, lots and lots to be sorted out and I can’t wait to get started.  Confused – here’s a quick reminder.

Again the makers are only giving us a 13 episode run, not nearly enough in my view, you could see in season 3 that they had to tie things up too quickly, but I won’t complain.  This season will no doubt continue Bo’s search to find her origins but I am really interested in the fae’s attitude to humans which is bound to be developed this time around.





Lesser of two

Humans have always been thought of as ‘less than’ but during last season all humans connected with the fae were deemed terrorists by the Morrigan so that should be really interesting.  Stay away from Kenzi and Lauren that’s all I can say.

Something else to get excited about this term are all of the amazing guest stars.  Linda Hamilton is back again and will be joined by none other than George Takei and Mia Kirshner with Bomb Girls Ali Liebert joining in on the fun.  It’s a testament to the show’s success that it can draw in the big names.


Tamsin, ya divil


The main talking point for a lot of us fans is summed up by saying: Doccubus vs. Copubus.  In other words do you want Bo to end up with Lauren or Tamsin, I think poor Dyson is out of the loop now.  Personally I am 100% Doccubus but I can see Tamsin’s appeal.  It’s amazing to have a show with a character like Bo at the centre surrounded by such great strong women. Not just Lauren and Tamsin but of course her bestie Kenzi and the big bad Morrigan.  Add in Hamilton’s Acacia and whoever Liebert and Kirshner turn out to be and you have a past and present lesbian/bi cocktail of the weird and wonderful.


Web series

Lets not forget that the clever people over at Showcase have introduced a web series element this year.  The gap between seasons 3 and 4 will be bridged using a four part original web series, I love it!  This series will start on October 13th and will introduced the new big threat, the “Una Mens”.

Lost Girl is all about the group being stronger than the sum of its parts and I am sure we will see our gang of misfits prevail again by accepting their differences and seeing them as a strength.  Something which can be said for our community and one of its best attributes.  Roll on November 10th (or 11th in my case), I can’t wait.

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Lost Girl

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  • Copubus? Tamsin + Bo = VALKUBUS.
    I thought you were talking about Dyson, who I personally hate.
    Whatever, Valkubus 4evah!

    Mayara said:
  • Oh God no lol
    I think Valkubus has a better ring to it too but Copubus seems to be in use more

    Gooner (author) said:
  • Ehm,, I move in these circles alot and the only time I’ve ever heard of Copubus is when they talk about Dyson and Bo. Tamsin and Bo = Valkubus.

    But hey,, I’m ALL Doccubus!!!! <3

    Maria said:
  • of course Bo and Lauren, Doccubus!!!!

    undertherain said:
  • Really Maria, I am surprised to hear that but am Doccubus too :)

    Gooner (author) said:
  • Yeah,, really… :) Cool though, that we move in the same world and hear different things.. :p

    Maria said:
  • This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone use “copubus”. Valkubus is definitely the more common name for Bo + Tamsin on Twitter at least.

    Faenonymous said:
  • Wtf is Copubus? At least get the ship name right.

    E said:
  • What the hell is a copubus? I have only heard of Valkubus and some who use Tambo (usually people who dont ship them). Also, I don’t mean this in a bad way but its Kenzi not Kensi and its Tamsin not Tasmin.

    SHC said:
  • Doccubus!

    J said:
  • It doesn’t really matter if you had the ship name wrong. You could put. DocuBo or LauCcubus and I would have without a doubt still voted for it.

    L said:
  • I don’t use Twitter so I have no idea what it is called there but on the sites I have read it’s Copubus not Valkubus but surely we can all accept that we may read different things and not use the same terms




    I am sure there are just as many examples of the word Valkubus but we are all friends here :)

    Gooner (author) said:
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