1. Mayara

    Copubus? Tamsin + Bo = VALKUBUS.
    I thought you were talking about Dyson, who I personally hate.
    Whatever, Valkubus 4evah!

  2. Maria

    Ehm,, I move in these circles alot and the only time I’ve ever heard of Copubus is when they talk about Dyson and Bo. Tamsin and Bo = Valkubus.

    But hey,, I’m ALL Doccubus!!!! <3

  3. SHC

    What the hell is a copubus? I have only heard of Valkubus and some who use Tambo (usually people who dont ship them). Also, I don’t mean this in a bad way but its Kenzi not Kensi and its Tamsin not Tasmin.

  4. L

    It doesn’t really matter if you had the ship name wrong. You could put. DocuBo or LauCcubus and I would have without a doubt still voted for it.

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