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  1. Caoimhe

    For me, Piper certainly has her moments, but the show’s ongoing struggles with labelling her as anything other than merely gay or straight is really frustrating for me to watch as a non-monosexual who is also a really big fan of the show. S2 is the first time we’ve heard the word ‘bi’ in relation to Piper’s sexuality, but it’s still presumed that Piper was either ‘gay for the stay’ or that she was lying to Larry about her attraction to him. Even though she SPECIFICALLY told Polly that she likes hot boys and hot girls… and then called herself ‘shallow’. Hmrph. I know the show is based off Piper Kerman’s expereinces, but you’d think with a storyline as diverse as OITNB’s, there’d be a little less biphobia, right?

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