Who are we?

Gaelick.com is an Irish LBT* website – a site for the lesbians, bi women, transfolk, intersex, queer and questioning of Ireland.

Our writing team is an ever-changing motley crew of creative types, media buffs, political obsessives, bookworms, film fanatics, students and professionals – all with one thing in common: our love of the ladies.

Overseeing the whole shebang is the Editorial Team: Shelly Farrell, Rachel Armstrong and Joan O’Connell.

Co-founded by the three editors, Gaelick.com began in 2008, the brainchild of award-winning web developer, Shelly Farrell, who asked a plethora of people to join as writers. Since then, the site has grown and changed over the years, as we adapt to what you want to see online.

Since day one, Gaelick.com has been a labour of love – and that remains the case today. Everyone connected with the site – writers and editors – gives of their time and energy for nothing, as and when day jobs and real life allow. Gaelick.com has no budget, no funding, no revenue stream, and none of us gets paid.

At Gaelick.com, we always welcome ideas, feedback and article pitches! This website is the sum of its parts: its writers and readers make it what it is – and without writers, Gaelick.com ceases to be. If you’re interested in writing for Gaelick.com, or would like to provide some feedback to us, just drop us an email: editorial@gaelick.com

Gaelick.com has been nominated for several awards – the Irish Blog Awards (2010 & Irish Blog Awards 2011 Finalists), the Irish Net Visionary Awards, the GALAS – and won Best Blogger at the GALAS in 2009.


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