Gaelick – Who are we?

Gaelick is a blog for lesbians, bisexual, gay and trans* women. We’re a group of Irish women who talk too much. So now, we’re lesbians online.

We’re made up of a motley crew of creative lesbians, media and political lesbians, bookworm lesbians, film fanatic lesbians, student lesbians and professional lesbians – all with one thing in common. We like the ladies.

Our individual expertise ranges from zero to our experiences as artists, lawyers, sports nuts, political junkies, computer nerds, journalists, activists, music lovers, and so much more.

Gaelick began in 2008, the brainchild of award-winning web developer, Michelle Farrell, who asked a plethora of people (cool word and alliteration!) to join as writers. Since then, the blog has grown and changed in many respects, as we adapt to what you want to see online.

We’ve been nominated for a number of awards – the Irish Blog Awards, the Irish Net Visionary Awards – and won Best Blogger in the GALAS 2009.

And we always welcome ideas! If you’d like to enquire about contributing an article, just send us an email: editorial@gaelick.com

Contact Us

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